The Jaipur Kite Festival outlines a key part in the way of life of Rajasthan and along these lines this celebration is praised by families and moreover the schools and universities sort out the kite competitions one day going before the celebration and let the kids cheer this extravagance of Jaipur kite party. So shouldn’t something be said about going to Jaipur amidst this celebration? Know more about this celebration before you make up for the lost time with the pleasure of this celebration in Jaipur.

If you are needing to visit Jaipur to experience the splendid force of its principal character, then hold up! Endeavor and plan your trip around the Jaipur Kite Festival, since this is the ideal time to witness the most marvelous clear and social scene of Jaipur. If you are coming from Delhi, then you can either take a Delhi to Jaipur taxi, or take a Delhi Cantt to Jaipur train. Whatever way you choose, one thing is for sure– an extended period of merriment in Jaipur!

Tour Jaipur During The Jaipur Kite Festival

Reason of Celebration

The Kite Festival of Jaipur is lauded upon the arrival of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan. Celebrated on the fourteenth of January reliably to imply the position of the sun from the Sagittarius zodiac (dhanu rashi) to the Capricorn zodiac (makara rashi), the day is seen as promising. It is said that Uttarayan or northward excursion of the sun starts upon the section of Makar Sankranti.

Foodies’ Delight

The Kite Festival is not simply undulating the kites or cutting adversaries’ strings. It comparably proposes unbelievable nourishment. Scores of nourishment stands get their places close to the kite market where a broad assortment of Rajasthani sustenance is accessible alongside Indian and Chinese excesses. The most popular indulgences of this celebration are Til (sesame) ka Laddoo, Jalebi, Gajjak, Feni and particular Chaats and Pakodas.

Tour Jaipur During The Jaipur Kite Festival


The general open of Jaipur, on this day take a favored dunk in Galtaji, a fundamental pioneer site in Jaipur. They beseech the Sun god to search for prosperity, riches and remarkable harvest. On this event, the pink city turns all impressive with the amazing kites in the sky. Retailers keep their shops close, banks remain nearby and everyone gets involved with kite flying on this day. Particular kite flying contentions are in like manner sorted out by various Kite Clubs in the month of January. State government even holds an “Overall Kite Festival” in Jaipur which ranges over a period of three days wherein kite mates from surrounding all through the world come and take a leisure activity.

Tourism in the midst of Kite Festival

Reliably the International Kite Festival is held in an open stadium where fanciers from surrounding all through the globe get together in Jaipur to join in this fun party. Undoubtedly, this is a champion amongst the most stick pulling merriments in Rajasthan. In reality, even the tourism load up makes for somebody out of a kind workplaces and activities for the travelers in Jaipur amidst this time. So as and when you get down at the Jaipur Railway Station, just look up in the sky!

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