For any music lover who is visiting Turkey for the first time will realize the awesome music in the country. It has become a popular destination for music from Blues music festival to International Rock Concerts. Furthermore, it is home to the world’s most refined classical music events. These music events make life in the country interesting. Some of them are:

Efes Pilsen Blues Festival

This is the first festival that has introduced Blues Music Festival to country taking place yearly. This festival was presented by Efes Pilsen and organized by Pozitif live. This event has reached 423 thousand people with 355 concerts in the past 23 years. It will take place between November 2 to December 8, with 23 concerts in 20 different cities the event takes place in cities such as Gaziantep, Trabzon, Ankara, Bursa, Instanbul,Antalya, Denizli, Konya, Kayseri, and Antalya among others. Award winning musicians such as Billy Branch always performs in this event. Moreover, this music event will have some of the best performers such as Joe Kubek and Bnois King. To attend this event, you need a ticket.

 Istanbul Music Festival

This is one of the highlights of Istanbul’s cultural life. It was founded in 1973 under the leadership of Dr Nejat. It is always an opportunity to present the finest creativity in the form of music concerts, chamber music, traditional music and ballets. In 1986, a new whole section was dedicated to jazz in 1994, the event organization became separate. When jazz organization became separate, the name was changed to be International Istanbul Music festival. Since then, it has hosted some of the masters in jazz music including Keith Jarret, Jan Garbaret and many more in 1997, it celebrated its 25 years of its establishment. The events always take place between June and July of every year.

Turkey Music Events-4 Major Attractions

 Chill-Out Summer Music Festival

This festival started in 2006 organized by Lounge FM radio station. This year event will take place on Sunday, May 25 on the lawn of Kemer Golf and country club. It always start at 12.00 pm and continue towards the middle of the night It has brought 8 years of quality music, with fans already terming it as the happiest Sunday of the year. According to news, in 2014 it will be transform to bring radical standards to its music culture. It always brings over 15 thousand-music lovers together. In addition, it brings over 20 musicians in 4 different stages and promises to surpass its own standards.

Rock and Coke Event in Turkey

This year Istanbul will play host to the rock and coke event Apart from the rock, which is the main theme of the festival, dance, hip-hop, and electronica will take the centre stage during this event. Every year it features the music stars such as the Placebo and Muse, American Nu Metal Band Korn and rapper 50cent among others. The event will take place on Friday July 17, 2015 and ends on Sunday 19, July 2015 interestingly, in case you are bored with the event, you can sample other activities such as fairground, food court, and sports area.

This are just few music events available in Turkey, for you to experience all, you should visit the country. For tourists who need to visit the country, having valid Turkey visas is critical. You can get this by visiting the foreign office and applying for the visa after meeting all the requirements. Any tourist will find Turkey an awesome place to visit.