There are a large number of inventory management solutions available in the market which can meet your requirements very well. The only problem with these solutions is that they are quite pricey and are out of reach of many business houses and enterprises. Efficient inventory management is very much required for companies that have low cash flow. These companies cannot afford to keep any money blocked by any inventory item that may not be used for some time.

Solution for all

The latest inventory management solution has been developed by a company that has understood the specific requirements of enterprises that need effective inventory management very badly. As these companies are unable to afford the solutions available in the market, the solution that has been developed by this company caters to all kinds of businesses big or small. The company has even provided the Free Inventory Management solution as a demo version. This demo version can be downloaded and tried out before you buy the full version.

Downloading the demo

You can go to the site of the company and click on the “Download Demo” button to install it on your computer.  All the required components such as SQL Server 2005 and the library files of .NET Framework 2.0 are automatically downloaded with the application. The whole Free Inventory Management application takes up only 60 MB of disk space. Once the demo is downloaded, all you have to do is to run the executable file to install it on your computer. A computer running Windows 8 will require Microsoft 2008 R2 to run the demo.