Online career counseling is the process of offering advice and guiding students to choose their career path and helping them in selecting their topic of expertise with online counseling techniques such as chat-sessions, e-mail reporting etc that helps students in making decisions related to their career issues. Online career counseling focuses towards issues related to career exploration, personal career development, change of career etc.

Values Of Online Career Counseling

Online career counseling gives students an insight and provides them with relevant information on the kind of jobs that will be suitable for them. They are asked to enroll for online tests that help them choose the right career based on their interests and skill sets. These online tests provide the eligible applicants with a list of recommended jobs that match their interests and criteria applicable for them. Psychometric testing is one of the tests that these candidates have to take, it tests the abilities of the candidates and their field of interest in which he/she is good at and then offers them the right career advice.


Online career counseling is a boon for today’s generation, owing its major benefits to the modern technology. Previously, students only had limited career choices available. But today, with the advent of technology, there are a myriad of profitable career building options available to students. One of the most profound benefits of online career counseling is that it provides the access of reputed counselors to students and parents from across the world, with just the click of a button, irrespective of the area or location they live in. This has certainly made lives easier for students as well as parents to connect with credible career counselors from authentic sources.

Today’s generation is highly tech-savvy and therefore, most youngsters including students prefer to use the online medium for anything and everything. Instead of having to go to places for taking career guidance advice, they prefer to use the internet for the same. Today, there are a large number of career counseling websites available that offer counseling services to students and help them in choosing the right path and select career choices of their interests. Career counseling websites basically help those students who are unable to contact them directly or meet them face to face. With the help of online applications such as Skype and other online communication means, they offer career counseling and guidance to a large number of anticipating students.

Values Of Online Career Counseling

The only requirement for students to get online counseling is a good and efficiently functioning broadband connection with a computer or laptop and a Microphone for voice communication. Skype is the most popularly used application that is free for downloading. Any student from any part of the world can get in touch with online counselors for career advice.


Some of the advantages of online career counseling are summed up as follows:

  • It provides personalized sessions to individuals where in students can clarify their doubts and further enquire about their career prospects and choices in a completely confidential manner without any disruptions from third-parties.
  • They offer advice on courses to be studied, admission criteria, soft-skills, studying abroad and so on. All these are provided to students by experienced career counselors at an individual level.
  • It provides convenience to the candidates at the comfort of their homes, and is more flexible and time-efficient.
  • After the completion of their tests, online transcripts are given to them in order to assist them in choosing the right career path. Furthermore, they can follow-up via e-mail with their respective counselors in order to clear their doubts or ask questions.

Online counseling is the major tool that helps the students in identifying their prospective career paths. It helps them in following and achieving their career goals. Online career counseling has gained a lot of importance in the recent years. The facilities provided by the online counseling forums include the process of developing career graph for the students online chats with counselors, personality development classes include mock interviews, aptitude tests for self-evaluation and so on.

Additionally, other features include regularly receiving newsletters, career news and events, college searches, and other event updates.

Career counseling taken online has helped many people in choosing their career paths and choices. Online counseling is most apt for confused students who don’t know which career path to choose. These online counseling websites work to fill the gap between career and personal growth. They provide effective confidential information on proper career guidance and support that helps the students in arriving at a right decision in choosing the career path. They ensure that the students choose a right career path that will help them in fulfilling their abilities. They have years of experience and expertise in helping people to achieve their dream careers and move ahead in lives.