Video streaming apps and services have opened new vistas in viewing Live TV according to individual choice by creating personalized entertainment packages. It has also shown the way to access third-party apps free of cost for viewing premium television shows free of charge. With a jailbroken Firestick, you can access not only TV channels across the world but also access content that is usually not available to all due to geo-location and other restrictions.  The thrills of viewing restricted content have their own attraction, which enhances the popularity of video streaming apps that give complete flexibility and freedom in viewing Live TV.

Tread into unauthorized territory

Not many would like to venture into the forbidden territory because of the fear of infringing on the law. But the lure of enjoying Netflix and other paid programs free of cost can make them change their minds or the sake of enhanced viewing enjoyment. All that they have to do is to jailbreak the video streaming app so that they can load add-ons to it for viewing television programs free even for subscription channels. However, they should how to stay invisible when engaging in the act so that there are no chances of the law catching up them.

What makes an app illegal?

First, you must be clear that all video streaming apps are legal in its basic form. However, when you use it without altering its configuration, you will encounter some limitations, especially in accessing all types of content. It will not allow you to install unauthorized or illegal add-ons that can help to gain access to restricted or prohibited content as well as subscription-based content in an unauthorized manner. If you jailbreak the app, you can reconfigure it and pave the way for installing add-ons that are illegal so that you can access all types of content without paying anything.  It is merely an act of cheating or stealing and happens solely because of the user’s intention of using the app for a wrong purpose. This means that the nature of the usage of video streaming apps determines its legality.

Conceal your identity

Knowing that you are doing something wrong would compel you to take steps for concealing your online identity. It would mean using a VPN for viewing Live TV on the web. Virtual Private Network creates a private tunnel for accessing the internet that remains completely protected from viewing by anybody else. It ensures that you can surf the web in complete privacy as no one can track your activities as it could happen with ISPs. Also, it protects you from the intrusion of hackers and malware attacks, thereby ensuring a safer viewing experience. When you use a VPN for accessing Netflix, you can by-pass all surveillance of the streaming services and view your favorite program for free.

The video streaming services are aware of the vulnerability, and since Netflix detects VPN and blocks it, things might not be that easy always. But still, there are ways of overcoming the restrictions imposed by the video streaming services so that you have complete freedom of viewing anything you like by using video streaming apps.

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