There are numerous Australian visa choices for partners, parents, life partner, youngsters and other close relatives of Australian subjects, Australian permanent residents or eligible citizens of New Zealand. There may be much confusion regarding the visa application for Australia. To ask any queries, you can get a migration agent in Adelaide.

It is essential to specify that

It is very important to mention that some visa alternatives under the Family Stream might be topped and lined coming about to broadened holding up periods at times. It is basic that you get proficient guidance on the off chance that you are considering migrating to Australia under this classification. Migration agents will be especially helpful to you in this case. Experienced migration agents would be able to tell if there is a superior visa choice for you to seek after.

Visa Options under the Family Stream

Partner Category: This category applies to

  • Married couples
  • Engaged couples
  • De facto partners or what may be referred to in some countries as common-law spouses including same-sex relationships.

Parent Category

This class applies to you on the off chance that you have a child who is in Australia and that child is an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or a qualified resident of New Zealand. It sounds sufficiently clear yet there are really numerous Australian visa choices under this class, and Migration Lawyers can guide you to the most proper decision to build your odds of an effective application.

There are at least 9 Parent Visa alternatives accessible. The initial 4 visa choices are for guardians qualified for an Australian Age Pension by uprightness of their age, however, in the wake of being allowed a perpetual visa they should hold up 10 years before accepting an Age benefits.

If you are in Australia

  • Aged Parent visa (subclass 804)
  • Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 864)
  • Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 884)
  • Contributory Aged Parent visa (from subclass 884 to subclass 864)
  • Contributory Parent visa (from subclass 173 to subclass 143)

If you are outside Australia

  • Parent visa (subclass 103)
  • Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143)
  • Contributory Parent visa (subclass 173)
  • Contributory Parent visa (from subclass 173 to subclass 143)

Child Category

This classification applies to you on the off chance that you are a dependent child, an orphan child of an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or a qualified citizen of New Zealand. There are a lot of Child Visa choices where varieties apply to whether the youngster is in or outside of Australia.

If the child is in Australia

  • Child (subclass 802)
  • Orphan Relative (subclass 837)
  • Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445)
  • If the child is outside Australia
  • Child (subclass 101)
  • Orphan Relative (subclass 117)
  • Adoption (subclass 102)
  • Dependent Child Visa (subclass 445)

Other Family Category

Close family members of Australian natives, Australian permanent resident and qualified subjects of New Zealand who don’t meet all requirements for any of the previously mentioned Family Stream visa choices have remaining alternatives to consider. Once more, you will require proficient help exploring the moment points of interest of these visa alternatives so as to discover which one applies to you.

These visa choices fundamentally apply to residual relatives, guardians or matured ward relatives of Australian natives, Australian changeless inhabitants and qualified nationals of New Zealand who wish to come and live in Australia for all time.

In Australia

  • Remaining Relative (subclass 835)
  • Aged Dependent Relative (subclass 838)
  • Career (subclass 836)
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa (subclass 461)

Outside Australia

  • Remaining Relative Visa (subclass 115)
  • Aged Dependent Relative (subclass 114)
  • Career Visa (subclass 116)
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa (subclass 461)

To understand your options and to apply for the visa, you must talk to migration agent in Adelaide. You can get a free consultation with Immigration Agent Adelaide which can solve your queries related to any visa application.

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