A lot of people who are considering professional carpet cleaning in Kennewick may be a little hesitant simply because they aren’t aware of the various benefits that they will be able to see after the cleaning has been completed. Here we will look at what you can expect to see after carpet cleaning, assuming the job has been done by a reputable company.

A Dry Carpet

You should try to avoid walking on your carpets immediately after the cleaning has been completed, as the processes used to extract deep-seated dirt and grime will leave your carpet feeling quite damp. However, this a temporary issue that will be explained to you before the cleaning process takes place. After just 24 hours, you should find that your carpet is completely dry, allowing you to use it again in the manner that you are normally accustomed to. Just as an additional note, carpets that were heavily soiled will take longer to dry than those that are lightly soiled, though the 24 hour limit should still apply regardless. In most cases, you should even find that 12 hours is the maximum amount of dry time that is needed.

What To Expect The Day After Carpet Cleaning


The smell from your carpet after cleaning will entirely depend on the sort of grime that was cleaned from it. Lightly soiled carpets will usually leave little in the way of residual smells, but carpets that were heavily soiled, particularly those that may have been contaminated with vomit or other bodily excretions, will leave a residual smell that may be unpleasant for a short amount of time. Thankfully, this will clear up within the course of a day or so, assuming the process was completed correctly, and you should find that there are no long lasting odours caused by the carpet cleaning.


You will be able to begin vacuuming your carpet again after the drying off period. You should notice that your carpet looks much fresher than it did before, with some even being restored to the same quality that they were when the carpet was first installed. However, because carpets essentially act as filters for your home, they will start being soiled again over time. The best way to combat this is to vacuum on a regular basis to clear as much of the surface grime as you can as regularly as possible. This will ensure that you don’t need to make use of carpet cleaning services again for quite some time.