If you have a damaged tree because of a storm or have tree limbs that are already close to your neighbor’s property, you must hire a tree service company like Timbertrim Treeworks. Because the last thing you will be worrying is being liable for damages caused by your tree, you must hire a contractor that can handle the job. Damaged trees and dead limbs can cause harm to houses, properties, and sometimes people. Below are a few things you must look into if you are to hire the best tree service company.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Tree Service Company

Credentials and Licences

A tree service company can create more damage if they have untrained workers, so scrutinize the company’s credentials. Don’t forget to check if the company has a licence as well. A company operating without a licence is such a great risk if you hire them. And running a tree-removal service without licence is considered illegal.

Tree Service Insurance

Tree service companies have the appropriate amount of insurance backing them along with insurance bond. Employing a tree service company that doesn’t have the right amount of insurance is a great risk. Ensure that the tree service company you will hire possesses insurance that can manage any ill-fated events or damages that may happen during the course of their work.

Proper Safety Equipment

Workers under tree service companies must have safety goggles, hard hats, chainsaw protections, and ear protection. Wearing and using the right gears and tools while working is crucial to everyone’s safety.

Transparent Pricing

Always ask for a printed estimate of the job. If a professional tree service company is hesitant in doing so, this might mean that the company wants to make easy money out of you and might charge you extra for services that you don’t need.


If the tree service company you are eyeing doesn’t have a website, make sure to ask around like past customers about their services. Since this is a job that is based on services, you may want to ensure that you are getting the best customer support and professional work possible. This process will be much easier if the tree service company you want has an established presence on the web and has online reviews. Read through the reviews and don’t hesitate to ask questions about any negative evaluations.

Companies like TimberTrim are also Edmonton Arborists and can help making tree related decisions around your home.