The chances are high that your doctor would have suggested you opt for an MRI scan? Then why not a C T scan or an X-ray. As per MRI Mumbai, there are many reasons on why you need to opt for an MRI scan. It is non-invasive and at the same time painless with an MRI scan there is no form of radiation which is used as a CT scan. You can term it as a diagnostic tool that outlines the structures of the human body. It is relatively a new form of imaging technique having its inception since 1980.  It is a form of scanner that works with radio waves along with magnets so that a clear and concise picture of the joints, bones and soft tissues of the body is produced.

Besides MRI certain ailments of cancer might require you to opt for a biopsy to figure out the disease and to which extent it has gone on to progress. In modern times MRI scans are used to diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions that involve the patient’s reproductive or vascular system. Any problems with the brains, eyes are detected with ease. In the structure of the bones, it can detect arthritis. The number of problems that can be diagnosed with an MRI continues to grow with each year. Many reasons are there why a patient needs to opt for an MRI scan as well.

Do you consider yourself as a candidate for MRI?

The medical field has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It is really interesting to figure out that till a few years ago preventive measures were not there as of today. There are a series of tests which diagnose certain conditions before it assumes dangerous proportions. As such preventive tests are really important because they go on to save the life of a person.

Here comes into play an MRI scan that also goes by the name of a magnetic resonance imaging scan. This is a different kind of scan in comparison to an x-ray technology. As it does not use radiation it is considered to be safe. With an MRI scan, a host of medical problems can be diagnosed in an easy manner.

In case if you have not been part of an MRI till now you need to be aware of how it works. The patient needs to arrive at the outpatient centre with a comfortable set of clothes put on. Then they would be asked to lie down on a table. You are going to push the table on to a horizontal tube that is the scanning machine. The main reason why a patient needs to opt for an MRI scan would be to avail the cleanest images possible. For this reason, the patient has to be completely still and for this reason, some patients could be a little sedated. The entire procedure might take half an hour to complete and then the patient can return back to their normal activities.

The patients are advised to take off any accessories especially metal objects that they are wearing. Prior to the scan all of these things need to be removed. It would be really interesting to note that you should not have a credit card while opting for the scan as it could be corrupted.

These are the things which basically a person needs to undertake before visiting the best MRI scan centre in Mumbai. Be aware that for this procedure there are no food restrictions. For patients who have been not part of the surgery, their main concern would be whether it is going to hurt or not. It is not going to hurt and the basic requirement is for the patient to be as still as possible.

It is also important that you discuss the medical history with the doctor before a transplant. This means that the doctors are aware whether transplant has taken in your body and whether it is metallic or not. In an MRI scan, the metallic fields are so strong, that it could suck you on to the machine if there are any traces of metallic substances in your body.

It is suggested that you arrive 30 minutes before an MRI scan at the hospital. This means that you can complete all the necessary paperwork along with last minute check-ups before you head over to the hospital. You might be asked to change over to a hospital gown that is free from metallic substances. Then you will be interviewed and all the details are going to be verified by a technologist. Normally this works out to be a safe procedure but patients who have metallic issues are advised to stay away from the surgery.

The cost of an MRI scan

As far as the cost of an MRI scan evolves it could be in the bracket of $ 600 to $ 3500. It all depends on where the procedure is undertaken and how intensive it works out to be. For example, an MRI of your chest would work out to be cheaper than undertaking an MRI of your entire body. More the time it takes for scanning more you might have to shell out for an MRI.

The insurance companies go on to cover the cost of MRI. But if the insurance company deems it to be an unnecessary procedure then you might have to pay from your own pocket. Before opting for the scan you might have to check with the insurance company on whether it is part of their coverage or not.

The main reason why the cost of MRI is that it takes a lot of time and the equipment is costly. In addition, new MRI machines have stormed the market that has an open layout which is a lot comfortable than other machines. This is going to cost you a lot more in comparison to the traditional machines.