The key reason why homeowners and business owners are hesitant to make the transition from incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED lighting despite being fully aware of the fact that using LED lights offers numerous benefits is because of the upfront costs. You want to do your bit for the environment and also save money but the cost of switching to LED lighting is a worrying factor. While the initial cost is undeniably a major hurdle‚ it is important to have a long term view of switching to LED. The upfront cost can be managed better now as there are commercial LED lighting financing options available for various types of industry sectors.

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LED Is Miles Ahead Of Others In Cost Efficiency

There is a cost element associated with lighting regardless of the type of lighting you are using. The upfront costs of the bulbs themselves, the electricity to run them, and the cost of replacing the bulbs when they burn out can be quite substantial. Upfront cost is the only aspect in which LED lights lag behind other types of lighting. In every other aspect‚ LED lighting emerge miles ahead of others. Even in the upfront cost area‚ your investment can be quickly recovered when you compare lifespan, energy efficiency and operational costs of LED lighting products versus incandescent, fluorescents, and even CFLs.

While a 100W incandescent bulb can last for an average of 2,000 hours, LED lights of the same wattage can last a whopping 50,000 hours or even more. This means that for every LED bulb replacement‚ you will have to replace your incandescent bulbs a minimum of 25 times. This can accrue into huge savings.

Consumes Less Energy Which Translates Into More Savings

LED lighting is more energy efficient than other types of bulbs as it consumes less energy to emit brighter light. Your 100W incandescent bulb can be replaced with a 9W LED easily. The cost benefits are numerous. Lower wattage requirements mean there is less pressure on the electrical grid, less greenhouse gas emissions and reduced carbon footprint for your home and office. High energy efficiency of LED lighting can translate into impressive savings.

Using LED bulbs will cost your home or office just a tenth of the cost of using incandescent bulbs. These numbers show that the long-term payoff of using LEDs over incandescent can be indeed huge. You will be able to see a significant improvement in savings on your electricity bill right from the first month of replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

The time to invest in LED bulbs is now as prices have plummeted significantly over the last few years and the choice of LED lamps have also increased. You can enjoy improved brightness at lower costs with LED bulbs. For commercial establishments‚ the annual savings can be much higher if they decide on replacing their entire incandescent lighting system with LED lighting for offices.

Choosing a reliable and reputed commercial LED lighting retrofit California service can help you make the right choice of LED lighting system.

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