Are you asking yourself about this – why more marketers are using social networking sites? There is a very simple answer which includes only one word: Money. Catch the point? Today the social networking sites are a good investment for internet marketers because they have the chance to go around all people`s traffic with almost no difficulty and no cost or very little one. The social networking sites become a money-making machine.

For marketing in social networks you need to make lists of friends and followers who have an interest in what is being marketed. That is why these lists have to be more targeted and specified. This will take some time, but it`s not difficult to do it. If you want to have a net of thousands friends in Facebook or the same number followers on Twitter, you will have to spend a little time every day. Yes, it takes time, but not a lot of time each day. You should be only finding and inviting targeted people, right? Is it a big effort? Not if you want to have success.

There are shortcuts for this kind of users of social networking sites which they use and visit. The two main sites and players in this marketing competition are Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: On Twitter the profit comes from the sponsored tweets. In all sites like this, people can put a tweet on their network up for a very low price – from 0,1$ to 2$ for list of 2000 targeted buyers. This is a very cheap and easy way to show your message on networks. At this cost you will get thousands of viewers for your business.

Facebook: Here the deal is a little bit different because of Face book’s own advertising system. It`s easy to go through it and it is indecently cheap, compared to Google Adwords. Facebook gives everyone the opportunity to show their interests and personal information which helps marketers to narrow down all advertisements to targeted groups and to find what they are looking for. Do you imagine how much information you have in there? How many people? And what could happen? Something remarkable!

And if we come back to the question above „why more marketers are using social networking sites?“, we noted that already. Advertising on social networks is very profitable, because out there are thousands, millions of people who are searching for something on Internet sites. Marketers do it, because there is a lot of potential in it. One more benefit of advertising on social networking sites is that the information and the subject show immediately after publication and it’s not limited by geographical boundaries or time. Here comes another question – Why aren`t more marketers using social networking sites?