We are certain that you already must be well acquainted with the significance of websites. Since it is the primary point of marketing between brands and businesses, it is crucial for them to have content that is engaging and holds the power to attract. 

Seeing the relevance of websites, budding brands and marketers have begun showcasing dynamic content to urge the website visitors to stay on the website for a longer period of time. Even though brands are using a variety of content on their website, social media is one platform that offers super interesting content that the visitors love exploring. 

Speaking of social media, Instagram is one of the first few platforms that come to mind. Even though Instagram offers a multitude of content options, the very famous Instagram reels have garnered extreme popularity ever since their inception. Videos play an important role in keeping the users attracted to the website, hence brands started to embed Instagram reels on website

If you are not convinced to adopt this strategy, then this post will tell you why you should embed Instagram reels on your website. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Reels On Website 

Increased engagement on the website 

Website engagement is a result of increased dwell time on your website, which is quite difficult to achieve. When you embed Instagram reels on website, you give your users an insight into the fun created by you on your Instagram handle. 

Videos are much more engaging and catch the attention of the website 10 times faster than their regular text-based counterparts. This strategy would intrigue your website visitors to stay and explore more to enjoy the videos for a longer period of time. 

Display User-Generated videos to build social proof 

Instagram enjoys a user base of more than 500 million daily active users. Therefore, there are various social media users who use Instagram as a medium to express their views and opinions on brands and products. 

Often, Instagram users, who are the existing users of a brand, use reels to reveal the use case of the product along with its before and after-effects. Further collecting and embedding it on the website can help brands build their social proof. It reflects how much the users are liking their products, which helps users relate more with the product. 

Helps to showcase your products 

Embedding Instagram reels on website help brands to display their products. It is important for brands to display their products and there can be nothing better than reels to display them. 

A well-designed Instagram reel showing a collection of products would urge the customers to learn more about the brand and products. Moreover, embedding it on the website would work as a great way to inform your potential customers about the products. 

Build trust & confidence in potential customers

Videos hold tremendous potential to tap into the interest of potential customers. The first-time visitors of your website would be a bit apprehensive about your products due to a lack of trust. 

When you embed Instagram reels on website, using customer-generated videos, you will be able to put confidence in your potential customers. This would instill trust in your prospects and they would be compelled to try out your products. 

Escalates sales & conversions 

Videos are 10 times more effective and impactful to tap into the interest of your prospects in comparison to the regular content. 

Moreover, when your potential customers are engaged and have faith in your products, they would be compelled to make more purchases, leading to an increase in the sales and conversions of your business. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings us to the end of this insightful post and you are now aware of the biggest reasons as to why you need to embed Instagram reels on your website. 

Instagram reels have massively grown in popularity ever since their potential. They are highly used by Instagram users to create short videos and to post interesting content on their handles to tap into the interest of their audience. 

We are sure that you must be convinced to embed Instagram reels into your website. All you need to do is look for an appropriate social media aggregation tool and you will easily be able to use this strategy in your business!