In the SEO industry, many website owners get offers that promise them instant exposure by paying for specific amount of money. They promise that we can quickly obtain a position in the first page results. In fact, these people may whisper to us about their hidden backdoor tricks that can sneak past Google’s elaborate algorithm. It could be quite interesting to read about “broke college student discovers a method to fool Google and reaps $4231,5 each day”. However, we should be aware that these people could have that amount of money each day, not from good search engine results, but from scamming people who want to get such results.

Google’s algorithm is a proven and dynamic platform. It could be fooled sometimes by a new trick, but it will return with a vengeance and punishing perpetrators by eliminating them completely from search results. Google applies new updates regularly to its algorithm and they are often accompanied by purging campaigns to punish bad people. In this case, we should know that those trick formulas are just a waste of time. Although they may work today, they could be nullified by Google’s next update and our website could be severely penalized. It means that we will lose money, search engine rank and potential long-term revenue. Many online businesses collapsed because Google penalizes them due to the use of dirty SEO tricks.

Think about it, Google depends on its search service to maintain its multi-billion business. Its search service is the core of its other business endeavours, including Adwords and Android. It makes money through advertising in search engines and mobile devices. Because Google’s algorithm is complex, there could be a few loopholes that are not yet discovered. Even if we are the first people who find them, it is a bad idea to exploit them. Google will eventually find these glitches and check whether there are websites that have exploited the weakness. If we are caught, our website could be penalized forever and we could be forced to go back to square one by creating a fresh website.

In general, there’s no quick and easy way to reach the first position in search engine results, especially if we are dealing with hypercompetitive keywords. SEO isn’t a push button procedure, it is a more like a slow, arduous climb to reach the peak of a mountain. Just like other things in this world, we would need to work hard and smartly to achieve our goals. Unethical practices could hurt us in the long run and they could even permanently terminate our online business. We should accept that Google is dominating the Internet and it plays by the rule, Google’s own rule. It means that the safest way to achieve success in the online world is by obeying Google’s rule. We should avoid things that could cause our website to get blacklisted. Any “get rich quick” scheme in SEO industry will almost certainly ruin our online presence.