Moving your household in wet, snowy winter conditions presents some unique challenges but planning and preparation will make the move less stressful.

Hire a Professional

Best advice is don’t try to do it all yourself, why take a chance on a friend or family member losing their footing and injuring themselves. When choosing a moving company in Nanaimo do a search and verify their reputation for high customer service and satisfaction.

Clear Walkways

Clear sidewalks, driveways and paths at your present residence as well as your new home. If this is not possible, maybe you could arrange for  someone to clear the snow and ice at your new residence. A covering of snow could obscure stairs or unseen drop offs.


Keep in mind that you want to be sure your new home has heat and light turned on, a little planning ahead will make a comfortable transition.

Carry Emergency Supplies

Whether you are driving your own vehicle or renting a moving truck, make sure your personal vehicle is ready for winter road conditions. A shovel, sand, and salt in case you become stuck, and and emergency kit, snacks and blankets are a good way to be prepared.

Weather Conditions

Keep an eye on the weather conditions, try to time your move during the warmest part of the day as the temperature can drop rapidly as night falls.

Protect Floors

Protect flooring and carpeting by covering with large pieces of cardboard, or sheets of plastic. Check to make sure flooring will not be damaged by using tape to secure cardboard or plastic in place. This will keep dirt, snow and wet feet  from damaging floor coverings in both homes,

Stay Hydrated and Dress Warmly

Keep plenty of water and warm drinks on hand, you will be working hard, and when dressing layer up. You can expect to be working hard, keep in mind to dress warmly to start as it’s still winter.

As you consider the pros and cons of moving yourself, you may decide hiring a professional Moving Company is the better choice. They are insured and experienced so you can be assured your treasured belongings will arrive safely. Sunrise Moving and Storage in Nanamo, B. C. has been serving Nanaimo and the surrounding areas for a decade. A company focused on affordable long distance and local moves, or if you require storage, call Sunrise Moving Storage for a free estimate at your convenience.