Fire has the power. Power to melt not only metals but hearts. Power to heat not only homes, but souls. Power to attract and power to keep out. Power to destroy and the power to create. For all these powers and many others fire is finding a way back into a modern home. Wood fireplaces, stoves, and ovens can be seen in a state of the art homes more and more frequently. A flickering fire gathers around itself an after-work businessman, a happy homemaker, a tired grandparent, and an energy-beaming child. Among other modern wood fired appliances, wood cook stoves have earned a special niche: they are used both for cooking and heating and deliver both in style. European suppliers like La Nordica, Cadel, or Lacunza produce durable, functional and oh so beautiful cook stoves.

Decor. With the current availability of 50+ manufacturers of wood cook stoves finding the right piece to fit your decor is only a matter of time. Whether you are looking for modern stainless steel look, Hungarian ceramic tiles, cast iron or hand made Italian maiolica tiles you can find a stove with all of these. There are rough looking stoves for a cabin or cottage, cast iron Iron Dog stoves for generations-long service, and maiolica covered La Nordica units, guaranteed to fit rustic and modern homes alike.

Wood Cook Stoves In Modern Home Decor


And it’s not just the pretty eyes. A wood stove will become the firepower of your house. Heat with it, cook on it, look at it, sit around it, or just depend on it, it’s there for you. No other appliance is as multi-functional.


Many traditions are connected to fire. Share them with your family. This is how humanity used to cook. An estimated 3 billion (that’s billion, with a B) people in the world still cook on a wood cook stove! There are countless designs from stones, brick, steel, earth, clay. Each country has its own cook stove and is not giving it up.


The range of food you can cook is incredible. Meat, fish, vegetables, stews, soups, cooking, muffins, pizza, bread – everything that can be done on a gas powered stove. Of course with a wood burning stove you can keep on cooking the same dishes, even during blackouts when power is out. Or simply if you are living off the grid.


A cook stove can significantly reduce your fuel costs and easily pay for itself. Wood is available for free in many localities and for very low prices on others. A cord of wood may be plenty for a winter season saving hundreds of dollars in gas or electricity bills.


You can enjoy your food wherever you are. No need for power lines or diesel generators, you can be warm and cozy as long as your cook stove is with you. Completely off the grid the stoves are perfect for experienced homesteaders and nearby cabin owners.