The inner workings of a toilet are fairly basic and for the most part the toilet water level is going to be the cause and should be an easy fix. Listed below are the most common causes of low water levels and how to deal with it.


Inside the toilet tank there is a tube that runs along the top of the ballcock. This ⅛ inch diameter tube goes along the top of the overflow tube. It’s purpose is to run water directly into the toilet bowl as the tank fills itself up. To work properly the tube needs to be able to fill and connect. When this is the problem using some pliers to do the necessary adjustment, a word of caution be sure you don’t tighten it too much. Proceed slowly to make sure you don’t damage the tube or even the tank itself, often this is the most difficult problem to deal with.

Bowl Defect

Another cause of low water level in the toilet could be a defect in the bowl itself. During the casting process a small bubble can form and the manufacturer will be reluctant to get rid of it. Instead a small porcelain patch is applied which is just a temporary fix. Often the patch will fail and the water will begin to seep out of the bowl and the bowl won’t be able to maintain a good and necessary level of water. Anytime you notice a change in the water level in the toilet bowl this is likely the reason, for instance it might be full right after flushing then a few hours later the water level has dropped noticeably.


The float is another thing that might cause low water level, it may have gotten tangled up with the chain or having other problems that are causing the water to continually run. Anytime the stopper is unable to come back down and allow the water to fill up the toilet bowl the toilet bowl never has a chance to fill up.If this looks like the issue there are a few things that can be done to have the stopper doing it’s job. First you’ll want to check the length of the chain, if it’s too long it can get tangled up with other things or get between the stopper and the hole. The opposite problem is a chain that’s too short will prevent the stopper from dropping down and closing the hole.

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