Engineering graduates from top engineering schools are in high demand in both private and public sector organizations. Top corporations operating in a highly complex and dynamic business environment are happy to pay capable and qualified engineers top money as  top of the line engineering schools equip their students with skills and expertise necessary to make a technological difference and thus give their organizations the much needed and required competitive advantage in the job market.

Well-established B. Tech colleges in Chhattisgarh or for that matter anywhere else in India do a remarkable job of developing confident and competent engineering graduates who are fully capable of making meaningful contributions to their organization from day one. This makes these engineering graduates highly prized resources in the job market corporations operating in complex international settings more than willing to pay them astronomical salaries for their services. Engineers’ ability to devise out of box solutions and their problem solving abilities can help firms and businesses remain profitable in an immensely competitive business environment.

Top rated engineering schools as such offer a very high rate of return on investment (ROI).  A  B. Tech degree in any engineering stream from a reputable engineering institute offers tremendous amount of job security andrapid career progression. However, the most important thing to pay attention is the quality of an engineering institute. Well-known engineering schools offer top placements and high ROI; inferior quality engineering colleges are generally known for their poor quality of education and low placement opportunities.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important factors which will help you obtain admission intop engineering institutes in Raipur or for that matter best in class engineering schools located anywhere in the country.

Admission Rate of the College

Depending upon your past academic record, your own performance in the entrance test, the subjects you have chosen and the program you wish to enrol yourself in, you would like to apply to engineering schools with either higher or lower admission rate. Lower admission rate in simplest of terms mean that there is a great disparity between the ratio of students applying to the college and the college granting them admission.  This mismatch between the number of seats available and the actual demand invariably means that the competition to get into the university will be extremely tough. On the other universities with high admission rate means that the admission procedure is pretty lax and the chances of you obtaining admission in the particular institute despite your poor academic record is pretty high. If your academic performance has been average, it is recommended that you apply to a university with high admission rate, just in case. However, it does not take a genius to comprehend that a college with higher admission rate is going to be no match for a quality college which has set very high standards for admission.

Student to Faculty Ratio

This is another very important factor that you need to pay close attention to before taking a final call. It is generally seen that top grade engineering schoolshave a very healthy student to faculty ratio. When we speak about student to faculty ratio, what we mean is the number of students divided by the number of teachers. For example, if there are 45 students and five teachers, it means one teacher is assigned to every nine student.  A healthy student to faculty ratio is an important determinant of the quality of the institute.  Less student per teacher means that the teacher can realistically pay more attention to the students. Fewer students competing for your attention will invariably mean that you can interact more freely and more frequently with them. This will help you address the doubts and concerns of your students more efficiently and quickly.