You may require storage services for many different reasons. Your wife can’t stand that old college couch of yours, or your husband is tired of tripping over the many hair appliances you’ve bought but never use. You may even be moving out, but haven’t found the perfect home yet so you need a place to keep all your stuff securely. No matter what the reason, you may find that having a self-storage unit on hand would be beneficial for you rather than opting for regular storage services that don’t allow you to enter the warehouse whenever you want.

Before you go out and just book a storage unit though, be sure to read the three things you need to know about self-storage in order to make the best decision.

1. Self-Storage companies offer different sized units: Depending on your requirements, most self-storage companies are capable of providing you different sized units for your belongings. If you just have a few things to store such as old memorabilia or a couple large things, a small lockable unit should be fine. Obviously, the bigger the unit, the higher the cost. So be sure to properly assess how large of a unit you need. Storage companies will help you with this by doing an inspection of your belongings to see which unit size fits you best.

2. Self-Storage companies should have pest infestation controls in place: Yes this is an actual worry. Think about it. Your things will be stored in a large warehouse that’s usually situated in a remote area with other warehouses. It can be dark and there’s not a lot of regular activity. It can be the perfect place for little critters to make it their home especially since there aren’t any disturbances. So your expensive plush couch might just become where they decide to settle in and have a family. When you start speaking to storage companies, ask them about what measures they take for pest control. If you see the slightest hesitation in their explanation, find another company that takes this seriously.

3. Self-Storage facilities should be completely designed to prevent extreme temperatures: Warehouses are just really large upside down boxes. They can get extremely hot if they are not ventilated correctly or extremely cold. Both extreme temperatures can ruin your belongings whether it’s a leather sofa or electrical equipment. Climate controlled storage is what you need to opt for. Cold storage can be specifically used for foodstuffs but storage companies usually have a separate designated area for this. Be sure to ask the storage provider what temperature they keep the cooling and heating system on and if they have measures for any backup power solutions.
Self-storage is an ideal option for many people, but be sure to do your homework before you just make a decision. You don’t want to be paying to rent a storage unit then find out that you’ll need to pay more to have your belongings and furniture repaired or replaced.

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