Animal prints can be pretty a daring way to decorate your home. They take guts to use, and when used in the right way, they can bring so much to your home.
There are a lot of ways to use this print in your home in a quite fancy and modern way. Zebra print is very powerful and courageous, so you need to use it carefully, with the right measure, so your ambiance becomes a pleasant place to live in. You can use it anywhere in your interior, from the bedroom to the home office.
We present you different ways of using zebra print in your interior.

Using Zebra Print For An Energetic Space

1. Zebra canvas

Zebra print has a great, epic feel about it. It’s a classic black and white contrast, so it is often used as artwork, big or small, because unicolor walls are a great background to accent this print.

2. Zebra prints on the floor

A subtle and dim bedroom will in an instant become a more fresh space with a zebra print carpet. It is interesting enough to turn a plain bedroom into a modern space, but still keep the charm of the interior.

3. Zebra chairs

Chairs are elegant and charming, but covered with this simple print they look much more interesting.

4. Zebra pillows

If you want a small breeze of wilderness, it is enough to have in your interior a few pillows with zebra print that will transform your space in a big way. With zebra accents, the room will be clean and fresh, yet very lively and interesting.

5. Different tones of zebra print

All zebra prints don’t have to be in black and white tones. Instead of that you can have them with delicate shades of green. That mix is very feminine and fresh.

6. Zebra on the wall

Zebra print can be used to accent a wall in your home. A gentle, grey print is beautiful and unique, and is a great addition to a clean and fresh space.

7. Curtains with zebra print

Since zebra prints doesn’t have defined stripes, it is easy to combine it with other types of decor. Such a print will create an interesting and fun pallet. You can also have zebra print blinds in your home. They are a great way to make the space more energetic and lively.

8. Zebra mats and carpets

If you are making a funky and modern space with a lot of fun colors, don’t be afraid to put in some classic zebra print that will help you create contrast.

9. Zebra stairs

Without a zebra carpet on the stairs, the space would still be nice, but with such an addition, everything becomes better and more beautiful. It is a perfect addition to a family home.

10. The head of the bed in zebra print

For a bold and daring bedroom, choose the head of the bed in a sexy or elegant way. Zebra prints has an elegant feel and are very bold and charming.
By Milan Budimkic
Milan Budimkic is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the travel, sport, entertainment, internet marketing, and much more. When not blogging, Milan likes to travel and read a lot.