It’s that time of the year for spring cleaning. You have to get the pool cleaned (and if you don’t use a robotic pool cleaner like the Hayward Sharkvac, you’re missing out!). The windows need cleaning, floors need scrubbing, and the yard needs mowing. The list goes on and on. However, I have a trick or three up my sleeve to speed that process up, so you can enjoy the spring time instead of working through it!

Here is a list of things to help out with your spring cleaning activities:

Clean the Pool

Pools tend to be involved in many spring gatherings; therefore this should be your first target. Consider a robotic pool cleaner. It is the most efficient way to clean your pool, without having to rely on a flaky pool guy. The automated pool cleaner will leave your pool spotless and you will never be embarrassed about floating objects again! A day by the pool with your neighbors is a great way to show off your new bod, so don’t let leaves and bugs ruin your shine.

Wash the Windows

When was the last time you washed the windows? Cleaned the fish tank? Perhaps you do not remember. Be sure to clean those hard to reach windows that accumulate the most dust. You may feel cleaning the fish tank is not the most pleasant task, however, there is an automated tank cleaner that will do the job for you! Your fish will thank you when they are swimming in crystal clear water.

4 Activities To Get Your Home Ready For Spring


Spring is a time for pets to shed their massive winter coats. Vacuuming will be a reoccurring activity during your cleaning spree because pets never seem to stop shedding. If you do not have time to keep up with your pets immense shedding, you may want to consider an automated vacuum. The automated vacuum will quietly maneuver around your house to ensure every last hair is gathered. Barefooted guests will be thrilled to walk around your soft, clean carpets.

Mow the Lawn

Put the finishing touches on your tidy home with a flawless lawn. This might be one of the least appealing tasks because it is tedious and simply boring, however it must be done. If you foresee yourself putting this task off to the point where it never happens, you may want to consider an automated lawn mower. Your lawn will certainly be the talk of the town and you will have time to enjoy your hard work.

Your home is now ready for spring and your guests will be in awe at the cleanliness. They will be rushing to jump in your new sparkling pool and will be thrilled to leave without excess amounts of pet hair lining their clothing. If you need help finding the perfect automated robot to do your tedious chores, let your friends at Wellbots help you out! Give yourself, or your automated helper, a big pat on the back because you are now ready for a great spring season.

Bonus Tip

While you do you’re cleaning, you want to have something to listen to, right? I’m all about success and motivation, and so I listen to my list of top business podcasts to get my creative, entrepreneur juices flowing. Maybe that’s not up your alley! There are a number of podcasts in every type category you could think of to keep your mind off of all the work.


It’s a little bit of work to get spring cleaning done, but with the way technology has evolved, you can get spring cleaning done in half the time!