Did you ignore that slow drain in the kitchen or bathroom for far too long and now it’s turned into a full on clog? Scared that the clogged drain could create a worse problem, such as a backed up pipe or damage to your home’s plumbing? Well, the good news is that there is absolutely no need to panic. Take a moment to breathe, and read on!

There are a few fairly simple ways to get the clog out and quickly get your sink or tub in working condition again. If you have a clogged drain in your home, check out four of the best ways to unclog it so you can once again use your sink or tub.

4 Best Ways To Unclog Your Drain

  1. Dissolve the Clog: One of the easiest ways to take care of minor drain clogs is by dissolving whatever is causing it. Most of the time it’s just food particles, hair or built up grime clogging the drain, so a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar can loosen the clog to eliminate it. To try this method, pour a pot of boiling water down the drain before dumping in 1/3 cup of baking soda and then let sit for 5 minutes. Combine a cup of white vinegar and a cup of hot water in the pot to pour down the drain. It will fizz up a bit, but that’s perfectly normal. Let it sit for 20 minutes like this and then flush it wish another pot of boiling water. This is a simple, recommended drain unclogging method that utilizes natural solutions and no chemicals and very friendly to your family if you have young children!
  2. Extract the Clog: Another way to unclog a drain is by pulling out the particles that are clogging it. Some people do this with a snake device, sold at most home improvement stores. This is a good solution if you believe that hair is the main issue in your clogged pipe.
  3. Use drain cleaning solvents: a quick and easy solution may be drain clog products available at your grocery or home improvement store, such as Liquid Plumr or Dran-o. Be careful though, as these products are highly caustic and are not good to have around children. In addition, these products are strong enough to eat through old metal pipes and cause those pipes to rupture, which will cause more issues in your home. Please ensure that you open a window or run a ceiling extraction fan when you use this drain unclogging method to ensure your home is properly ventilated.
  4. Contact an Expert: Sometimes it takes a professional to eliminate a tough clog in the sink or bathtub. If you still can’t get the water flowing freely or just don’t want to deal with it, it’s recommended you contact an expert who specializes in emergency drain clog service. A professional plumber will visit your home to ensure that your drains are free and clear. In addition, a professional plumber may be able to audit your home’s plumbing to spot other potential clogged pipe issues that may present a problem for you in the future.