When it comes to high quality door handles, Baldwin is miles ahead of the competition. This company is commended by some of the industry’s most trusted architects and builders for its legacy in producing high-caliber products. Over the years, they continue to produce stylish and durable door handles, locks, and latches that are built to last. With their wide collection of world-class door hardware, you will never run out of choices when you shop around their stores.

Things to Consider When Choosing Door Handle Color and Finish

Selecting the proper door handle style and color may not be the most exciting part when renovating or building your home. But that doesn’t mean that you should take this simple yet important step for granted. By simply choosing the right door handle finish or color, it can turn the overall design of your home from one style to another.

Quality Over Price

The first thing that you have to consider when choosing a door handle is your budget. You need to set a price range of the minimum and maximum price that you are willing to pay. Consider selecting a brand or product that is not really cheap as that could mean that you are also compromising the quality of the door handle. You will be using door handles at roughly dozens of times a day so you have to make sure that it won’t easily wear. Sacrificing quality over price could mean that you’d be spending more money having to replace the door handle sooner rather than later. Baldwin door handles could be pricey but given every product’s durability and high quality, you’ll realize that you are saving more when you choose this product.


Next is how your door handle can make or break the design of your home. A door handle’s satin brass design may not complement your home’s rustic design, or a distressed oil-rubbed bronze door handle may look too sophisticated for your apartment’s laid-back finish. Selecting the door handle style and color could be overwhelming, especially when you’re in front of a door handle collection. That’s why it’s best to ensure that you already have a design in mind before visiting any ironmongery stores.


Lastly, consider the people who will use the door handle before purchasing one. A household with children may consider satin stainless steel door handle as it doesn’t need to be regularly cleaned. If you’re home’s location may affect the door’s design, then choose a door that will not wear over just a couple of years. Stainless steel will also be a good option as it is made to resist weathering. Unlike chrome or brass, stainless steel door handle won’t easily lose its shine or color. For users who have limited sight, you might have to veer away from door handle colors that are similar to the main door’s finish. For example, using an aluminum door handles on a white door would make it harder for users to see the dear handle.

Now that you already have an idea on how to choose the best color and style for your door handle, it’s now easier for you to purchase a new one. Don’t forget to check out Baldwin hardware for wide-ranging door colors and styles.

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