Time passes by all, and as you may have noticed that the kitchen is one of the places in the house that worse age. It is exposed to a continuous grind of different temperatures, vapors, liquids and food, cleaning products…

The good news, you can give a facelift to invest little time and less money to restore the luxury and to change the face, looking kitchen that premieres this weekend.

1. Dot Cabinets

Are you tired of your color or too spoiled? Choose another combination with the rest of the stay-other furniture, pictures, appliances … – and reinventing your kitchen. You can paint them-whether they are natural or the varnish -wood, and also employ special finishes that you can find at your local hardware store, such as plastic laminate Formica.

2. Put a Blackboard

Yes, you can put a cork and wood you buy or do as Madness, of course. But we refer to convert at least one wall of the kitchen blackboard. In this we show you how to turn any wall in your home into a fun and practical board, thanks to synthetic matte finish paint that acts as the mineral and can be painted on any smooth surface.

Well , choose one of your walls and give life placed colored chalk on hand so you can leave you notes, recipes , ideas , messages division chores , drawings … May be the list of perfect size, making it a photo with mobile before going to the supermarket .You can turn your wall into a giant magnet with magnetic paint some well . Eye takes no magnets, but small particles of iron that will attract them to your wall. Come on, you can play with it as if it were a large fridge.

4 Great Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

3. Dot Tiles or Cover

You can paint them with enamel paint and try matte or satin paint to give them a twist. You can also cover the part you want with lacquered glass, gloss or matte finish, like glasses. It sticks directly on the tile, covering it, and you have a lot of colors at your disposal. It is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and brightness will increase the space visually, thanks to the depth of the mirror effect.

By the way, mirroring the walls is another interesting option: you earn light and space.

4. Renew the Soil

We have reviewed cabinets, walls, furniture, tiles … but the floor is another visual component of each room with many possibilities. It can be replaced without great works and for very little money. You only need to change one tile floor cover, placing an insulating plastic on your floor to protect from moisture. Once you have placed a special base to install this plastic sheet, you can place them and move on with the baseboards.

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