When you decorate your home note that the most important thing is to give it that touch becomes a cozy place as possible and to make you feel better than anywhere else. If you continue reading you will discover some keys to not want to leave your house, especially in these cold days we are living.

Good Lighting

Achieving a most welcoming environment passes by getting that perfect lighting. Besides trying to promote that between natural light in all the rooms, try to create some mood lighting and indirect point lights that will help make the stay into a warm place and more intimate. You will get it if you put yellow lights instead of white. Lamps, especially those with a fabric shade, are also elements of decorative and practical, ideal for a much more welcoming environment.

Using Textiles

The textiles used in the home are one of the most effective elements to achieve that necessary sense of warmth to any room. Choose fabrics and colors suitable for this such as silk, cotton, wool, velvet or feather fillings in your blankets, pillows, rugs, quilts, curtains, etc…

The best colors are white, violet, blue, green and pastels in addition to the reds, oranges and chocolates.

The Best Supplements

Candles, fireplaces classic or renovated plants or upholstery, are supplements that will definitely a super cozy atmosphere to your home in addition to personalize. Photographs and artwork also get grant more warm and intimate to those rooms where you want to spend most of your time touch.


A cozy home will depend in large part on the colors used on the walls, furniture, ceilings, on floors, in textile and add-ons that you have in your home. And is that colors our brains transmit sensations between the warmth is. Neutral colors such as gray, white, yellow, blue, green, pastel and earth tones like orange and red among others, achieve what you’re looking for if you combine them in a manner consistent throughout the house.

What Materials to Use

The stone, wood and natural fibers are materials that can be used anywhere in the house to get a warm atmosphere. Furniture made from light wood, through skin supplements or wicker or stone walls, will manage to create that environment you’re looking for.

With a mixture of all these keys is certainly going to get your home becomes a place where you are most welcoming wishing for as long as possible.

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