A remodeled kitchen is the most precious of many homeowners dream. Many people underestimate the incredible change that can be achieved in a kitchen with a little imagination and a few cans of paint, But really, you cannot just use paint to freshen the color of the wall, but also completely change the look of the kitchen shelves.

The only ingredients you’ll need to give a whole new look to your culinary center are: color, eye for careful planning, and the willingness to spend time in the kitchen with a few cans of paint as a company.

Where do I Begin?

In many centers you will find ideas with paint palettes created by professional experts in color, and tools “visualization” that allow you to test the colors on the Internet. Once the color pattern, it’s time to paint. Assuming you’re going to do a total remodel, start by removing the cabinet doors and hinges and handles. If you intend to use these accessories, put them back in a plastic bag so they do not go astray.

Remodeling Your Kitchen Painting Easily

After placing cloths to protect the floor, paint the ceiling first, then walls and finally the auction. For easy maintenance, use acrylic latex paint 100 percent semi satin that resists stains and can be better than a conventional brush painting. Then, you have to become to focus on the shelves.

Clean the shelves and the doors thereof, with a degreasing solution to remove dirt. When dry, sand all to remove any paint remains and provide you a better grip on the new paint. Use a damp cloth to clean any dust created by sanding. Then apply a latex base shelf quality. Use a roll where you can and a small brush where needed. Let the base dry overnight.

Ends the shelves in the same way, applying acrylic latex paint 100 percent. Here you can also use a satin or semi satin finish, they are more resistant to stains and easier to clean. But do not ever install the doors. Wait for the paint to dry completely.

To give a perfect finishing touch to the kitchen renovation, consider buying new handles on doors either online or at the nearest hardware store. These accessories are sold in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors and materials, one of which will surely go with your style.

When the shelves are restored and the work is completed, contemplates and take pride in your new kitchen and saved thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.

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