Under counter refrigerators are a great way to increase the storage capacity in your kitchen. There are many different options available for the Undercounter refrigerators, however, if you are looking for the guaranteed lowest price you should consider shopping online. Many retailers will offer free shipping, and you can also save money on the sales tax, depending on the state which you reside in.

Luxury under counter refrigerators are made by companies such as Jenn Air. These are great units with many options in finishes such as stainless steel. Removable shelves are a must have, when you are purchasing these units. This gives you the flexibility of storing different items (such as tall bottles of wine in your refrigerator). Most models also come with a reversible door hinge, so that you can change the swing based on your kitchen layout.

Although not something you may think about a lot we all use fridge freezers ever day to keep our groceries fresh and store up to a week’s worth of food. Ironically, my fridge stopped working a few months back, leaving me purchasing new food everyday just for dinner that night.. It was a nightmare! I then began researching what fridge to buy, but I was short on space. I had about 40cm’s to work with in my apartment so I researched on what might be my best option for the long term.

I quickly found my best option was one of the under counter fridge freezers on offer and I was on a decent enough budget of £280.00. So what was important when comparing the best selling fridges on the market?

1. Energy Consumption:

Most under counter fridges have an energy rating of A+  but some have A++. What does this mean? Well, it means that they are very energy efficient and can save up to £50/year on fridges from just 5 years ago!

2. Storage Capacity:

I ended up getting a Russell Hobbs RHUCLF55 Fridge which has a storage capacity of 130 liters which is enough to hold 10 days of food for me… and I eat a lot! Finding out the storage capacity is important as some fridges take more food than they look and others can’t hold as much as they might look from the outside.

3. Dimensions:

This one is pretty obvious, but still something people get wrong..so many people don’t measure their space properly and end up ordering a fridge either too high or too wide! Give yourself an extra 1.5 inches on the height and 1 inch on the sides to be sure that your new fridge will fit! The best thing about under counter fridge freezers is that they can fit almost anywhere!

4. Noise Level:

Most manufacturers give the decibel rating of their fridges, but most people don’t know what is a good and acceptable decibel level and what is a bad one. Anything under 50db is very quiet special for a fridge! Most fridges these days will be in the 40’s somewhere which is fine but still worth checking.. the last thing you want is a humming machine in your kitchen.

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