Granite worktops are incredibly popular for lots of different reasons. They aren’t particularly cheap, so why are so many people buying them? The answer is in the fact that they are a huge investment. They might cost more than other worktop materials, but they last a very long time when they are cared for properly and they look absolutely beautiful. They also stay looking beautiful as well, something you don’t always get with other materials.

When investing in a new kitchen it is always worth considering what material you should choose and whether or not that material is worth the money. Granite is a material you should consider because it is beautiful, comes in many different styles and shades, it’s durable, heat resistant, hygienic, stain resistant, easily maintained and it holds its value and could add value to your home.

Here are just some of the reasons more and more people are choosing granite worktops:

It’s Stunning

Have you ever held a piece of granite and moved it in the light? It is absolutely beautiful and every single piece is unique so even if you choose the same style as your neighbour, you can guarantee you both have unique natural works of art in your kitchen. You can get black granite with small pearly flecks in it that look like stars. You can get white granite with bursts of coral reds within it. You can get green granite, red granite, dark rich brown granite – literally any colour you want you can get. So no matter what design you plan for your kitchen, there will be a piece of granite to not only match that design, but enhance it.

Reasons Why More and More People Are Choosing Granite Worktops

It’s Durable

Granite is incredibly durable when it is maintained properly. Many people with granite worktops simply cut straight onto it and don’t bother using a chopping board because the surface is so scratch resistant. When it is sealed properly it stays polished and smooth.

It is Stain Resistant

Granite is stain resistant, but only if it is sealed properly. If it is not sealed properly it will become porous and may be easily stained. This is easily avoided though as most granite worktop retailers offer sealing with installation and then an annual resealing top-up (check before you buy). If the stain is minimal and towards the surface of the granite it may be possible that this can be rectified by refinishing the stone, but this should be avoided where possible.

It is Hygienic and Naturally Cold

As it doesn’t absorb any liquids or debris it is hygienic once cleaned. It is also naturally cold so it’s fantastic for preparing food like pastry which needs to stay cool in order to work properly.

It is Heat Resistant

Granite can withstand hot items being placed on it, so you don’t have to worry about burning it with a pan or other hot items.

It is an Excellent Investment

Although the worktop might cost you a fair bit upfront, it will hold its value, so even if you sell your home it will add to your homes resale value and appeal.