India is renowned for various things, but one of the most important things in India is its cuisine and food culture. One can argue that Non-Vegetarian food was never Indian native, but there are some spectacular dishes, which you should try if you love non-vegetarian food.

Chicken is one of the most loved food items in India when it comes to Indian non-vegetarian dishes. But, there are few dishes, which are an option over the regular mutton or chicken dishes like keema kaleji recipe, butter chicken, and chicken tikka.

Let’s discuss some of the famous Indian Non-Vegetarian dishes:

  1. The Famous Paya: Paya is actually a creamy, thick meaty soup, which is prepared from the legs of lamb. Paya takes a lot of time for cooking, but it’s certainly worth waiting for. Because, it’s too tasty to be missed out on.Paya is consumed mostly during the day time with Naan or Tandoori Roti.
  2. Chicken Tikka: Heavenly and Tender boneless chunks of baked chicken! Though this food is considered as a Punjabi food item, it is loved all across India. This dish is mostly eaten as a starter item, but you can accept a plate of chicken tikka at any time of the day. If you actually call yourself a non-vegetarian food lover and have not tasted this food item, then you’re probably missing out one of the best non-vegetarian food items.
  3. KeemaKaleji: You can easily get Keema Kaleji recipe in Hindi on the web. This is one item which is consumed mostly at home. KeemaKaleji is a curry dish, which is made up of Keema meaning minced meat and kaleji means liver. This is one of the best dishes to serve in gatherings or parties. This dish can be easily prepared at home. It can be accompanied with roti or naan. Next time, when you’re in dilemma of having mutton or chicken, do try this keemakaleji recipe.
  4. Scintillating Fish Fry: India has one of the largest coastlines, and therefore yummy seafood is served all across the country. The fish fry is a simple, yet one of the most delicious fish food dishes one can ever have. The best part about this item is that it can be prepared using any fish, but the fishes that are most preferred for fish fry are Pomphrets. It is available in almost all the states in India, but Goa is the place to have it.
  5. Butter Chicken: If you talk of best non-vegetarian dishes in India, then your menu will always be incomplete without the mention of Butter Chicken in that list. The creamy lathered gravy with the pieces of boneless chicken is an all-time favourite of non-vegetarians. It tastes the best when paired with roomali roti, or butter naan. It is served all across the India, but the best one is served in the state of Punjab.

There are many other non-vegetarian dishes, but the above mentioned delicious dishes have to be on your must-try list.