Home interior design has never looked so good with this years trending home fashions. Whether you’re sprucing up a bedroom, adding color to your sitting room or completely remodeling your home, check out these five décor trends for 2014.


According to Elle Décor, turquoise is a 2014 trending color. It is being used in wall hangings, furniture upholsteries, linens, towels and other textiles and decorative accents. We have been seeing different shades and hues of blue trending in other fashions such as jewelry, it was simply a matter of time before it crossed over into home décor and design. Deep, rich shades of turquoise are being used for accenting home interior walls, cookware and kitchenware, picture frames, curtains and draperies. Make a bold statement with furniture pieces or painting your room or create splashes of this color to contrast your existing color scheme.

Floral Hints and Prints

Floral designs, prints and patterns are frequenting upholsteries, textiles and decorative accenting touches this year. From elaborate floral king bedding sets to subtle sprouts on window treatments, flowers are in bloom in home décor. Combining floral prints with shades of lilac and blue, touches on two of this years trends. Naturally, green is a great color for complimenting floral prints. Of course, nothing pulls floral designs together, like a fresh bouquet of flowers or flower blooming houseplants.

5 Home Decor Trends Of 2014

Decorative Pillows and Throws

Going into fall,Design Trends from HGTV, suggests decorative pillows and throws are the best way to go. The great thing about pillows and blankets as home décor options is that they are not permanent and it as easy as swapping them out, to keep up with annual trends. Decorative options are limitless with these two pieces. Choose one-of-a-kind handmade pillows with unique artistic impressions and designs to add eye catching accents to the rooms décor.

Window Sheers

Let the light in. Window sheer panels are trending in window treatments this year. Sheer panels cover your window without blocking out the sun. Window sheers create a whimsical, colorful elegance to your homes décor. Another sheer trend is dressing your existing window shade and blind treatments with a sheer valance or scarf. Avoid using sheer coverings over windows that may allow for a glare on a television or computer screen.

Unique Accent Pieces

Finding unique accent pieces that are outside of your styling box, is popular this year. Break up the predictable and mundane feeling of a room by incorporating touches of unusual finds. Decorative touches that express and cater to a cultural appeal such as Japanese hanging origami mobiles, British flag pillows or African wall hangings, are all excellent ways to implement this trend. Look for unique candle holders, lamps and picture frames that fall into this trending home décor category. Believe it or not, pineapples are another trend this year and constitutes as a unique home décor piece, while also incorporating another 2014 trend.

Coordinate these trends to completely redesign your home or select your favorite trend to style with. Remember to have fun with annual trends while being true to your own personal, home interior decorating style.

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