So you have that brand new custom home you have always dreamed of, but how to keep it clean enough that the carpets and floors stay looking like new as long as possible? The answer is a mudroom, of course. This is the perfect solution for busy families that love a clean house, but that do not always have the time for daily in depth cleaning. Do not give up enjoying life outside of the home. Instead, stop the dirt at the door with a mudroom and these mudroom must-haves.

Laundry Facilities

Although laundry rooms are not typically located near any entry way to a home, a mudroom typically is located near an entry. And, as the most used entryway of the home, it does tend to collect the soiled boots and clothing that outdoor play and trekking can bring. Therefore, it is the perfect location for a laundry station. This is especially true if the most used entry is near the bedrooms of the home.
But, either way, it saves the trouble of dirty, muddy clothing being dragged through the home and keeps the dirt in the room in which it belongs until it is cleaned up there.


Typically speaking, darker tiling makes a difference in helping the mudroom to at least have the appearance of cleanliness until the next time it is swept and mopped. Plus, it serves a practical purpose of keeping the floors warmer than a light colored, cold tile flooring. And, since there is no practical purpose in placing carpet within a room such as this, keep a rug down on the floor that can easily be thrown into a washing machine without falling apart.

Pet Area

Considering that the mudroom already collects quite a bit of mud and dirt not wanted elsewhere around the house, it only seems natural that it should also contain the dirt that pets can bring to the home. It is the perfect place to keep pet supplies, including litter pans for cats or towels for drying off wet dogs. This keeps the smell out of other areas of the home, as well as keeps other areas such as the bathroom free from kitty litter dust.


Cabinets with plenty of storage in a mudroom make it much easier to keep the family organized. Each family member can have their own cabinet if necessary. Things that are typically used outside are best kept in these cabinets. Things like bicycle helmets or other sports equipment do well stored in these areas. It allows for quick access and less dirt elsewhere in the home after coming inside.

Mom Office

Make a sort of mom office out of the mudroom area. As the place people pass through before entering the main home, messages can be posted on boards for family members or just about anything else related to family organization and scheduling. And the best part is that it can be done in one central location so that there is less clutter in other areas of the home. Even the mail can be sorted out and distributed to family members here.
+Ken Uhrich likes clean houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group website.