When we decided to buy an apartment, two factors always influence our decision: price and place. It has perfect finishes and furnishings that distract us from what is really essential to consider before spending our money.

What are these Essentials?

1. Location:

An understanding of the cost transfer time, so you must visit the property at different times, do the exercise to imagine living there and review the morning, afternoon, evening and especially at peak hours traffic.

2. Direction:

This, perhaps, is the key element when choosing a home and less is taken into account. The orientation of a space is related to the movement of the sun and how it affects the place you live in. Understanding the orientation is to understand the path of the sun, it rises in the east and hides in the west, so the spaces are aimed at Eastern light and heat in the morning and are cold and low light in the evening, while oriented to the west have light and heat in the afternoon, and are cold and low light by morning. A space headed south, has light and heat all the time, however space will be cold headed north and never enter directly sunlight.

It is said that a targeted area is one that has the service area as the north-facing kitchen because it will always be a cool space. By contrast, the room should have a south facing to make it a warm and comfortable space. Nevertheless, the fact is that the comfort is an issue that can be subjective. Although there are universal parameters, each person knows their own sense of comfort, some people who loves the cold and loves the heat, so any guidance is bad, even the north is the favorite of artists and workshops for study because it is the providing the best continuous light throughout the day, which is essential for their work.

The orientation should not be taken lightly, before buying your home, take a minute stand in the field with a compass and check if you are selling orientation is compatible with your comfort and lifestyle.

What Should Consider When Buying An Apartment?

3. Noise:

Unfortunately it has sacrificed sound insulation towards a lower cost with the use of materials that let the noise. Before buying you have to make sure that the materials are being used to help mitigate the noise, especially if the house is on a main road or if you have neighbors on either side or above.

4. Distribution:

 It refers not only to the number of interior spaces that you require in your home, but also to have the necessary space to fit your furniture dimensions. This may be obvious advice; however it is very common to move to a new apartment not enter your furniture and this is because departments often have scaled furniture shows; i.e. it does not correspond to the actual dimensions of a cabinet.

They do this to make the space look bigger and when you move you take the surprise that your bed does not look at all like the sample looked. For you this does not happen, check your bed, measure your room, one meter load your bag and when you visit the department to buy measures the actual space with your own hands so you do not bring surprises.

5. Terminology:

Now fashion is rename spaces to sell more expensive. For example, A Roof Garden, as its name suggests should be a roof garden with a sitting area with views of the manicured, isolated space both content and visual hearing noise. If you quite see the water tank, washing machine or clothes to hang, not a Roof Garden, but you are selling your own roof, do not be fooled.