No matter if you have the bathroom is large, small, bright or without windows. You only need to follow these tips to the letter, and may have resulted in a happy space, well laid out and fully functional.

1. Paint:

The small bathrooms sizes mean you can paint them yourself. Not using the services of professionals saving you money, but you should keep in mind before you start painting; the walls are in good condition and free of moisture. After painting it to wait for it to dry properly and clean the floors.

2. Choice of Color:

It is important to choose light colors as central bathroom; this will give brightness and appearance of more space. This is very important if you have a small or no window to the outside bathroom. One trick that can be used to give some presence to the room is painted white walls and other in another key of your choice. You can also choose to save or add tiles to give it more personality, but you should always keep in mind that the wall colors that will match the decor to be added later.

3. Accessory:

Accessories should match according to the colors that were chosen for the wall, except white. If the walls are just white, then you can decorate according to the color you want. You can implement color in the shower curtain, soap bowl, pot brushes, paper towels, toilet seats, etc… Provided that all combine as part of a whole.

4. Save Place:

It is important to have places to store all items in the bathroom. You can use the space under the sink or post sanitary with drawers and shelves can be hung on walls or cabinets. Those spaces used for storing towels, toilet paper, cosmetics, health and others. Thus always have about everything you will need.

5. Trimmings:

Adding houseplants to the bathroom is an inexpensive trick to give presence and joy to the room. They can be placed on any shelf or hanging on the wall, but it is important to choose plants that do not require much care or bright light.

Can also be implemented in choice of decor bottles with seashells or pretty gems. These decorations should always match the color chosen for the room, but you can also use a bit of contrast to have a wider range of colors. For example, you can combine blue with green, yellow with red, brown with pink, etc.. . . But it should always be at most two colors plus white.

Candles are also an object of decoration for the bathrooms. They are a very attractive and relaxing element if the lights were to be given a bath. They can be placed on shelves or just on the edge of the tub or shower and will have a bend.