The property market has been a hard place recently; for buyers, the affordable mortgage has been difficult to find and for sellers, as a consequence, their properties have been on the market for long periods of time.
In such a harsh selling environment, the homeowner is being urged to think long term and take an objective look at their properties, asking themselves what work needs to be done to make them an undeniably attractive property for the buyer.
There are many things than can be done to separate your property from the local competition; many homeowners choose to landscape the garden, a modern kitchen and a luxury  bathroom, along with a modern boiler and heating system, as well as other ‘must-haves’. But, there is another aspect that all homeowners need to consider, whether they are thinking of selling or not: energy efficiency.
It seems that the ‘new’ way of adding value to a home is to invest in energy efficiency measures that give real returns and real savings.
Exterior wall coatings can be a great way of adding value to your home, and here’s how:

It increases overall visual appearance and appeal

Painting your home is something that needs to be done every few years to keep it looking at its best; from painting the fascia, cast iron drainpipes and any window frames, as well as the front and back doors. Likewise, many homeowners choose to paint their walls too.
But, sometimes the finances are lacking hence the paint peels and you are unable to do anything about it. What if there was a product on the market that required no re-painting every few years? Investing in an exterior wall coating is that product.
Just like paint, the coatings come in a variety of colours or, if you prefer, you can opt for the transparent coating. Likewise, there is also two choices of finish, coarse or smooth.

Increases the sellability of your home

Savvy buyers are looking for something more than a fitted kitchen and a Jacuzzi bath – they are now looking for a home that is energy efficient too. And a property with an exterior wall coating applied to it has a proven increased energy efficiency to it and will see your home with lower carbon emissions too, a by-product of using less energy to heat your home. Likewise, in summer, it will stay cool. Important selling points when it comes to finding buyers for your home.

An attractive proposition

Exterior wall coatings makes properties overall, a more appealing prospect not just for buyers but for you and your family. Highly weather resistant, the coating does not discolour, peel, flake or crack as well as being maintenance-free and durable.
Adding value to your home is not just about the big renovations, like loft conversations and extensions, it is also about the smaller, yet just as influential investments that make your home an attractive proposition to potential buyers… as well as for your own comfort and peace of mind.
Guest author Matt Glover is a keen blogger and likes to share his knowledge of the benefits wall coating, and other valuable home improvement ideas.