Most people who want to add some exotic texture or styling to their living room often overlook the use of jute rugs. Jute rugs are by far the most surefire way of adding some texture and color to your living room.

Also known as hessian rugs, these are made from long vegetable fiber which has been spun into often coarse mats. Made from mostly natural fibers they are the best organic home décor items which is one of the prime reasons to have one of these in your home. In addition, there are various other reasons why you may want to have jute rugs in your home.

Reason no. 1:  Will add a bit of texture to every room

Any interior design expert will tell you that jute rugs add some texture to your room. It is also an excellent choice when people want to add some type of unique flooring to their room. The best types of jute rugs are ones which are hand woven, these are braided rugs which can be placed near the doorway of your home or your living room. These rugs will easily compliment your furniture regardless of if they are modern or antiques.

If you are looking to add some smooth texture to your room then try sisal jute rugs. These are made by combining two types of plant fibers and the result is a smooth texture which helps to accentuate your wood décor.

Reason no. 2:  They are extremely durable

Most people may not know this but those who have used jute rugs will tell you that they are extremely durable. Their durability stems from the fact that they are woven from often thick fibers which are either naturally brown or dark brown in color, which makes it near impossible to spot any stains on them. Dirt and dust can easily be removed using a regime of regular vacuuming but you can just as easily give it a good dusting.

Sisal jute rugs while having a tight weave area are still comparatively easier to clean and can hold up pretty well in an area that receives lots of foot traffic. That said when used in a low traffic area like the bedroom they can last for over a decade.

Reason no. 3:  Jute rugs are obviously eco friendly

If you worry about the environment a lot then be rest assured that these rugs are environmentally friendly. Made from natural fiber they easily disintegrate into the earth living absolutely no trace.

So, why should you spend a fortune on large machine made rugs when you can easily support the environment and save money with jute? These give your room an added raw texture and they are biodegradable, so when the time comes just dispose of them. Also, since jute is a quick growing fiber their production does not in any way hurt the environment or wildlife.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Jute Rugs For Your Home

Reason no. 4:  They match any home décor

Regardless, of if you are a lover of contemporary style rooms or have a flair for everything vintage, natural jute fiber rugs will add the right touch to your room. If you are looking for a clean and laidback look then choose a bleached jute fabric. You can also use a sisal jute rug which has dark brown edges for a more vintage look. Most people may find that mixing and matching different types of jute rugs is what works best for their home.

At times using different sizes will help give your often closed spaces a feeling of coziness or openness depending on the rugs you choose.

Reason no. 5:  They are extremely cost effective 

It really goes without saying that jute rugs are extremely cost effective when compared to regular synthetic, woolen, cotton or silk rugs. That said they last just as long if not longer, plus you can buy many different types for the price of one silk rug or a woolen rug of the same size. So, there is some money savings to be had with these rugs. According to leading rug sellers like Australia based Scatter Mats, jute rugs are now available in varying styles and textures so there is something for everyone.

Mark has been in the carpet and rug business for over 20 years. He has bought and sold rugs for a living ever since he was a teen. In his professional opinion people who have a limited budget or those who are environmentally conscious should buy jute rugs. Plus, an increasing variety of jute rugs means that there is something that everyone will like