Remember when you were a kid and would swipe the Sunday newspaper after everyone was finished reading it? You would sit on the carpet making paper hats and boats to play with all day. Perhaps you remember making Origami cranes in a childhood art class. Paper folding has been a whimsical and fun childhood activity for years. Today the art of paper folding, called origami, is now used to decorate homes to give a room a fun, playful and unique theme.

What Is Origami?

Origami is a Japanese word that refers to paper folding as “Ori” means fold and “gami (kami)” means paper. While origami was a traditional Japanese art form in 17 AD, it has been discovered that other ancient cultures in Germany, Spain and China also engaged in origami art.

Origami involves the folding of a paper into different objects such as animals, birds, shapes and toys without using glue or cutting the paper. The most popular type of origami is the paper crane; this paper bird is being seen more often in home decor designs due to its intricate folds.

How Origami Becomes Home Decor

Imagine paper cranes of different colors flying through the air of your room. Sounds hard to believe, yet it is exactly what people are placing in their homes in the form of origami mobiles. Mobiles are hanging works of art with different levels of objects that are able to move and twirl in the air on strings. Create an instant work of art that people will talk about as colorful cranes circle through the air.

Decorate Your Home With The Art Of Origami

How Origami Enhances The Decor

The wonderful design of origami catches the eyes of people who walk into a room. It adds a bright spot of color to the decor without overpowering the overall theme of your home. Place an origami mobile by an open window and watch the breeze spin the cranes through the air, relieving your stress as you watch the birds spin for hours.

Origami also adds a type of dimensional depth to your home decor. Think of mobiles as moveable artwork. The flashes of different colors and sizes to the origami becomes an instant conversation piece in the room. It also makes rooms with an Asian design theme complete.

Enjoy Paper Folding Again By Adding Origami To Your Home

Just about everyone has that one dull corner of the house that needs something to perk it up. Furniture is too big, and tiny knickknacks only gather dust as they sit there forgotten by everyone in the house.

Add the right amount of color and unique style with origami cranes spinning through the air. They are a lot quieter than wind chimes when the breeze blows inside. Also change where you have the mobiles placed when you want to have a new design theme. All you have to do is take it down and switch it to another room or enjoy the look of paper cranes in every room of your home to tie the artistic theme together.

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