Latex is a breathable material that molds to the unique shape and size of your body. The resilient material gives you the feeling of sleeping while floating, suspended in a state that allows relaxation like you’ve never experienced before.
One of the best decisions I ever made was getting a latex foam topper. I liked it so much that I bought at topper for every bed in the house! Despite all my praises for the luxurious qualities of the high-quality layer of foam, my teenager disagreed.

Why Latex Mattress Might not Suit the Whole Family

He felt the mattress was too firm for his taste, and said he’d had a better night’s sleep camping outside on an air mattress. I was shocked. Fortunately the mattress company was willing to work with him to find a latex mattress that suited his sleep patterns.
Our family isn’t the only one to have this disagreement. Here are some other pro’s and con’s of latex mattresses to consider before going out and buying one of your own.

The Con’s :

  • Body Impressions

Some latex mattress owners say that after a while of sleeping on the latex mattress, it forms an impression of their body. This impression creates an uneven sleep surface which could cause insomnia.

  • Too Firm

These mattresses are extremely firm compared to other types, especially when they are new. If you prefer a soft mattress, then you might think twice about latex options.

  • Too Hot

Latex holds in body heat, which makes it warmer than a traditional mattress. When sleeping on a latex mattress, you might find that can skip down comforters and quilts, because you only need a light blanket or sheet.

The Pro’s :

  • Pain Reduction

Because latex mattresses conform to your body’s shape, it minimizes the pressure points on your body, including the ones responsible for lower back pain.

  • Motion Isolation

If you share a bed with someone else and their moving around keeps you up at night, you will find that a latex mattress limits movement. It isolates it to that area of the bed, so you aren’t disturbed or prematurely woken up.

  • Value of Price

Latex mattresses are not only less expensive than traditional ones in most cases, but they also tend to last longer. This makes them an incredible value when you purchase them for the bedrooms in your home.

Types of Latex Mattresses to Consider

When buying a latex mattress, there are many forms to consider, starting with the type of latex itself. The latex could be naturally sourced, man-made synthetic, or a blend of the two. While the natural latex can cost more, it is the most eco-friendly option.
Latex mattresses have a core layer, and a comfort layer. This could be latex over several layers of polyurethane foam, which is not an all-latex mattress. Another version offers a pillow top of polyurethane foam over a dense layer of latex.
Regardless of which latex mattress is right for you, remember that choice might be different for others in your family. Take time to shop around and consider all the pro’s and con’s, and then select the right mattress that is the best value for your family’s budget.
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