Skirting boards, popularly known as the baseboards or the floor mouldings or the mop boards are usually created to cover the gap in between the bottom of the walls as well as your flooring. The sole purpose of these baseboards is to protect the wall’s bottom area from creating any type of damage. These baseboards would help in providing better security to the room’s base if you would have installed these skirting boards properly.

Generally, installation of these baseboards, also known as MDF skirting boards need not compulsorily require professional service; however, it does require some specialized skills in the installation process. As a result, below are presented 5 simplified steps for easy installation of these baseboards:

5 Simplified Steps For Easy Installation Of MDF Skirting Boards

ü  Measurement of baseboards: The very first step is to measure the perimeter of the given area or the room. This is quite essential as it will help you to determine how much or how many metres of the baseboards would be required throughout the entire project. This would ultimately help you to figure out the exact requirement for the skirting board. You can also opt to buy excess baseboards just in order to fulfil the need due to the wastage or wrong cuts on these baseboards.

ü  Installation: As soon as you get an idea for the right measurement, you could proceed further for the installation of the baseboards. Just make sure that you provide some of the extra portions before you lay the baseboards on the floor. It is better to mitre each corner of these baseboards at around 45 degrees. As a result, it could prove to be important for doing some testing as well as fitting before you opt to place the baseboards permanently on the surface.

ü  Nailing: There are generally two ways that could help in nailing the baseboards with the wall studs. The first way is to simply use an air nailer that can easily do the nailing process. The second one is to use the hammers as well as finished nails through the nailing process. While deciding to opt the second method, you need to ensure that you are using the nail sets. This is necessary so as to get rid of the unwanted marks from the hammer whilst nailing the baseboards.

ü  Trimming: In this step, you need to mitre down all the four corners of the baseboard rightly at the 45 degrees. This is usually helpful for you in order to attain the exact fit that you want for your construction project. You can trim down the edges as well as the corners until you get the perfect fit for your baseboards.

ü  Caulking: Lastly, the caulking process would help you to cover up the imperfections. Caulking is the most important step as it helps to seal down the gaps between the baseboards as well as that of your walls. You need to ensure that the baseboards are painted with the same colour as that of your walls in order to get a perfect finishing and to make the project look more perfect.

Thus, one just needs to remember the above listed 5 simplified steps that could help in the easy installation of baseboards. Along with making your task easier, the above listed steps would make your baseboards give a perfect finishing in the installation area. Additionally, it will help you to save installation costs. As a result, without taking professional help you can get out the best results with the installation of skirting boards.