The tango is a dance of two. It’s a dance of intimacy that allows the body to move in all sorts of ways. It’s also a simple dance to get started with. Tango classes are common around the world and you don’t have to have a dancing background to get started. As you start to get better, you’ll want to perfect your technique.

Here are some of the top tips for perfecting the tango.

6 Top Tips For Tango Dancers

1. The Embrace

Understand that this is a dance that involves two equal partners. Embrace your partner. It shouldn’t feel awkward. Allow yourself to get as close as possible. The man should be leading their partner not forcing them. It’s not a dance with only one party. Both participants must embrace and move as one.

Take note, the tango is not a sexual dance. It’s a passionate dance. It might have sexual undertones for the couple, but this should remain between them and shouldn’t make itself obvious during the dance.

2. Stop Thinking

It’s easy to get tied up in all the technical movements and the various sweeps you saw on YouTube. When we engage our brains in dance, we make mistakes. Our brains and bodies can’t move at the same time. This slight delay in thinking about a move and performing it only leads to failure.

Let the music take you. Concentrate on it and let your body lead the way. Turn your mind off.

3. Proper Posture

Improper posture is downright dangerous. Unless you want to kick someone in the shins or strain their back, maintain proper posture at all times. You’re supposed to be rigid and straight. Keep your head level, back straight, and your abs strong and tight. It might feel strange if you’ve never done it before, but this is what’s best for safety and style.

6 Top Tips For Tango Dancers

4. Refine the Movement

Ignore all the complicated moves you see the professionals do. The beauty of the tango comes with the quality. A dance that only involves three moves done fantastically over and over again moves the soul. A ten-move dance performed poorly looks comical and like you’re trying too hard.

5. The Cabeceo

The cabeceo is a piece of Argentine culture that must always figure in the tango. It’s how a man asks a woman to dance. Indulge in it. A nod, a smile, or a tilt of the head when you’ve caught the eye of a female across the room is enough to make your intentions clear.

Asking someone to dance is considered rude because it doesn’t give them the chance to decline. They essentially have to accept.

6. Respect the Dance

Too many beginners want to show off. They want to show the trainers and the coaches how to tango when they don’t really know anything at all. They’ll try to bring in their own moves and perform it to alternative types of music.

Whilst no tango coach would want to stifle creativity, the fact is you have to respect the dance before you can revolutionise it. This means obeying the proper pieces of social etiquette and listening to the rules of the dance floor.

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