The festival experience is one of a kind and we all love and look forward to it. However, festival toilets are a put off and they are dreaded by almost anyone. Some might call it an urban myth, but it is the most horrifying part of any fresh music festival. There are some people who have managed to avoid using the loos in a music festival for about three or so days but the effect of chips, dodgy burgers, and fast foods do not allow it to continue for long. The robust metabolic process knocks on your door when you least expect it and you have no choice but to find a place to relieve yourself, even if it means using the consternating music festival toilets. To ensure you do not miss on the music or face the wrath of a scary toilet, there are a number of things you need to know in terms of festival facilities.


This seems to be one of the best options in any festival and is usually treated. But, with the thousands of people in any concert it is hard to think constant maintenance is done to uphold cleanliness. The portaloo is usually lockable and private and a fresh breath of air for ladies especially because men have a way of entering a toilet without knocking. Sometimes these toilets are flushed and the surroundings are much cleaner. However, if you are confined inside for some time, the stench can be overpowering especially in the summer heat and dark at night. They are portable and can be moved to safe zones at night, thus quite safe.

Toilets At Music Festivals - A Survival Guide

Slurry Pits

In these toilets, the luxury takes a back bench since metal frames are spread across a long slurry pit made on the ground with about 20 cubicles fitted on every frame. They might be basic but of all facilities in a music festival they are very hygienic and the ones you should think about. However, the cubicles have very small un-lockable entrances and it is possible to be disturbed unintentionally and they do not come with any roof. In sweltering heat they are the kind to visit and they are much kinder to your olfactory. However, in a stormy and rainy day they are not the best and the degree of intrusion is way too high.

Hovering Recommendations

For those who are against sitting in a toilet at music festivals that perhaps has supported all kinds of healthy and sick bottoms, hovering is a better idea. Lots of people hover during these festivals and they are definitely not doing it to tone their thighs. To hover properly, you can grab the wall by ensuring you are positioning yourself like a star and holding the top of the walls on either side for support.

Grab The Door

Once you have assumed a star position you can hold on to the bottom of the festival toilet door as risky as it is. It can bring lots of strain on the muscles and if someone opens the door when you least expect it, the outcome will be a very embarrassing turn of events. Some people squat on the toilet’s platform, but a simple slip could be disastrous.

Sam Thompson lives in Sydney, Australia. He is an editor for Toilet Paper Plus and spends his spare time surfing the beaches of the east coast of Australia. He hopes one day all companies will look after the environment.