Some houses are beautifully decorated with large windows that allow enough light to come in and give an elegant and clean look to any living room. Single or double hungs, sliders, bows or hoppers are great for letting light in and therefore reducing the use of electricity in the home.

The only thing about having this kind of window is the effort that has to be done for their maintenance and cleaning. Glass windows can look awful when they are dirty and must be kept shiny on a regular basis.

There are, however, certain products that can be used to ease the trouble of cleaning windows. Usual equipment includes a bucket and a squeegee, regular soap and water. This is the traditional style and should always be tried at least once. Good quality squeegees have removable parts that can be changed after some time has passed and replaced when the parts are worn out.

Talk to a professional

Some windows require more than just a bucket of water to be cleaned correctly, some surfaces and locations require special and trained people to perform the job.  total plan cleaning services can be one of the safest ways to have clean windows and make sure the job is well done at a reasonable price.

Professional window cleaners have been working for years, and they know how to handle residential homes, strata blocks, shop front windows and others. If you are unsure of how to start or if your windows demand too much effort and risk, better to leave to a professional.

The Condensation Squeegee

With this little gadget as you scoop upwards all the moisture and water is kept in the handle, you avoid wasting water and getting your floor wet. Besides, you could use this water and pour it into a houseplant, if you didn’t use any cleaning liquid.

Window Vacuums

These little powerful vacuums help you gather all the liquid that is being poured in the windows which saves a lot of time and effort. Their electric suction makes the annoying dripping something that will not bother you again. Some of them already contain a spray so you can use one only product for the whole cleaning process.

Steam cleaners

Instead of using regular water and soap, and instead of using expensive cleansing liquids these devices use vapor to get rid of dust and dirt in your windows. They also come with small, removable straps to carry your steamer and move freely from one window to another. They can be also multipurpose and help you clean not only windows but also some other surfaces in the home.

Polishing cloths

People used to use newspaper to clean windows because it absorbed water and did not leave any residue in the glass, but now newspapers are coming coated with a thin layer to stop ink coming off, so they are not effective anymore to clean windows.

Extendable mops

For higher windows, this is the tool you need. It is not necessary of climbing ladders of chairs to reach for those tiny corners that can be a little difficult to clean. With extendable mops that problem is solved. Some of them have an integrated water tank and spray, so you don’t have to dunk it in a bucket of water.  Below are some tips for window cleaning.

Using vinegar versus using soap

A mix of vinegar and water will leave your windows clean and shiny. They may not kill all the germs, but they are surely a quick solution when you have run out of cleaning liquids. Soap and water will give you also good results and will clean many bacteria attached to your windows. So, better go traditional and try the good old soapy water first.

How to fix scratches?

You can use some jewelers rogue to remove some scratches from your windows, apply it to the scratch and rub for a long period, you will notice it starts disappearing.

Remember all these pieces of advice are just recommendations and should always be monitored by a professional. Window cleaning can be a demanding task and depending on the location, it can involve some risks, this is why it is better to be informed correctly and to know all the pros and cons of doing it yourself or having somebody else to do it for you.