The famous ‘land down under’ is perfect for adventurers and adrenaline junkies alike who are in the constant mission of discovering hidden adventure havens waiting to be explored. Australia was bequeathed with world-class tourist destinations which attract millions of visitors every year.

From four-wheel driving to the beach, kayaking, to horseback riding, the sky is the only limit! The beautiful continent has a lot to offer for every soul who wants to embark on an unforgettable journey of their lives.

With so many places to choose from, here are the top five must-see places and must-try adventures for people who want a dose of wanderlust fix. So, come! Let’s start the biggest adventure of our lives in Australia. Let’s go  “ Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!”

The Oodnadatta Track, South Australia

Top 5 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures In Australia

What: The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive

Where: Anna Creek Station, 45 miles from Alice Springs in Central Australia

When: The average tour per season is 5 to 6. The activity commences every August.

Why: This is the best time to unleash that inner-cowboy spirit and experience the genuine spirit of rural Australia through mustering along the Oodnadatta Track. Travelers will experience the rugged camp and horseback at Anna Creek Station, the world’s largest cattle station to date.

Who: This adventure is perfect for everyone who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty for adventure.

How: Travelers have the option to take the Drovers Express bus service to Anna Creek Station from Adelaide ( South  Australia’s capital city). The tour has one overnight stop at Coober Pedy, an opal mining town.

Cost: As much as experience is invaluable, reality demands that we have to shell out to experience what the world has to offer, in this case, the biggest Outback Cattle Drive to date. This trip costs A$3,200 per person. There is an additional A$795 fee for the round trip domestic transfers from Adelaide on the Drover’s Express.

Inclusions: Four nights in lodging tents. Campsite with toilets, hot showers, meals, safety equipment for horse riding.  Travelers will get the chance to witness the Aboriginal culture too. There is an inclusion of overnight stay at Opal Inn Hotel too in Coober Pedy from Drover’s Express and whole day meals en route.

The Red Centre

Top 5 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures In Australia

What: A desert region that lies on the southern end of the Northern Territory in Australia. This is where the heart of the Outback beats.

Where: It’s a three-hour flight from Sydney or Melbourne. Alice Springs is located 130 miles from the center of Australia. Kings Canyon Resort is located along Luritja Road in Watarrka National Park, off from the main road between Uluru and Alice Springs. Kings Canyon is three hours far from Uluru and four hours far from Alice Springs.

When: The best months to visit are June and July ( cooler season ), November to March (hotter season).

Why: This is where the famous Ayers Rock (Uluru) is located, the gigantic monolith that changes color. This is where the icon of Australian Outback is located.  The Kings Canyon that housed tropical pools of Garden of Eden. Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park, Watarrka National Park, and MacDonnell Ranges are must-see attractions too. Travelers could also experience the best of Australian wildlife by taking a plunge in watering holes, camel trekking through the Simpson Desert and experience the Aboriginal culture.

Who: It’s a must for everyone who wants to explore the very heart and soul of Australia

How: Travelers can take a flight to Alice Springs from the main cities in Australia. Both from Qantas and Tiger Airways. Qantas has direct flights to Ayers Rock. For travelers who want to do it by land, there’s the legendary Ghan train from Adelaide or Darwin. You can also opt for going on helicopter tours to see the beauty of the area. Groups like Micro Flite and other services provide the best tours in choppers.

Cost:  Roundtrip Qantas flights from Sydney to Alice Springs starts at A$450.  A one-way trip via Ghan train station from Adelaide starts at A$358 (seat only) and A$656 for sleeper cabins.

Fraser Island, Queensland

Top 5 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures In Australia

What: The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island

Where: Fraser Island is located on the coast of River Heads (Hervey Bay) Queensland. It takes about four hours to drive from Brisbane.

When: Travelers can witness this wonder every time of the year.  The peak season for tourist visit is Easter, September 17 to October 3, and December 10 to January 16.  The season from Humpback whale is from August through October.

Why: The 75- Mile Beach is a beauty to behold. It houses more than 100 freshwater lakes, fishing, rainforests, wildlife (kangaroos, wallabies, bird species, foxes, and Australian dingoes), long stretches of pristine beaches and whale-and-dolphin watching. To complete the experience, travelers should see the sand cliffs of The Cathedrals, Rainbow Gorge, the Maheno shipwreck, and seawater of Champagne Pools. There are areas where tourists can set their camp and some beach resorts on the island.

Who: This is for everyone who loves basking under the sun!

How: Qantaslink and Virgin Blue offer nonstop flights from Brisbane to Sydney to Hervey Bay. Greyhound bus is an option too, the route threads River Heads then south of Hervey Bay, from there, travelers can take a short ferry ride to the island. Only-four-wheel-drive vehicles are permitted to enter the island.

Cost: There is a barge ferry available for walk-in passengers Hervey Bay, it costs A$50 per passenger, A$150 for vehicles carrying three passengers. A permit to pass is required for a four-wheel-drive vehicle which costs A$38.25. There is a two-night motel accommodation from Eurong Beach Resort right on 75-Mile Beach which costs A$249 per person; this is based on double occupancy ( inclusions are daily breakfast, roundtrip barge transfers, and dinner every night). There is also a two-bedroom apartment at Sailfish that costs A$2000 to A$2600 per night.

Cape York, Queensland

Top 5 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures In Australia

What: The largest unspoiled wilderness in Australia

Where: The good traveling point in this area is Weipa, a mining town. Along Duyfken Crescent is Albatross  Bay Resort

When: Avoid visiting the months of December to March ( the major part of top end are inaccessible due to the wet season with rainfall up to 80 inches).  Avoid the months of December to April because cyclone season. Months outside these natural cycles are the ideal time to visit.

Why:   For travelers who want to experience the beauty of the untouched environment, Cape York is the best place to travel. See and experience the beauty of secluded beaches, chauffeur on the historic Overland Telegraph Track, socialize with Aboriginal tribes, take ferry ride to visit Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, go fishing for Barramundi, take a stroll at Lakefield National Park or stand in awe at the peculiar beauty of The Tip (the northernmost point of Australia)

Who: For travelers who want to experience serenity and solitude, Cape York is your place!

Cost: A one-way flight from Sydney to Weipa starts at A$ 256. Room accommodation at Albatross Bay Hotel starts at A$ 165 per night (suitable for three guests), or if the preference is the cabin, the rate starts at A$ 120 per night for two guests. A round trip ferry ride from Seisia to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait costs A$55 for one hour.

How: Qantas has flights to Weipa. If time is not feasible, travelers can take buses that operate once a week between from Cairns to Weipa and vice versa from April to October. The distance usually takes 500 miles from Cairns.

Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia

Top 5 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures In Australia

What: Attention marine lovers! Ningaloo is the best place on Earth to experience swimming with the gentle whale sharks.

Where:  Ningaloo is a massive 1,000 square miles tailed with a 200 mile stretch of coastline on the mid-north coast of  Western Australia. The largest town in the area is Exmouth, a 775-mile drive from Perth ( 15 hours of drive). A seaside town of Coral Bay is also perfect for unwinding, situated at the edge of the marine park.

When: The ideal season to visit is every month of the year, though whether from December to March could get scorching hot. If you want to catch whale sharks watching, the best months to visit are April to June. Humpback Whales are between June and November and, turtle hatchlings is January to February.

Why: Ningaloo Reef is a well-kept gem, seen only by fewer visitors. It’s a habitat for more than 200 species of coral, estimated 500 species of fish, dolphins, whale sharks, whales, turtles, manta rays and sea cow.

Who: Ningaloo Marine Park is a paradise for snorkeling and scuba-diving enthusiasts. Surfers are sure to enjoy the place too.

How:  Travelers can ride (777 mile worth of drive from Perth to Exmouth). Or catch a flight on Qantas and rent a car locally.

Cost: One-way ticket on SkyWest starts at A$162. Room accommodations at Ningaloo Lodge in Exmouth start at A$125 per night while room rate at Ningaloo Resort in Coral Bay starts at A$191 up to A$253 dollars per night.


The things mentioned above are just brief summaries of what to expect to each paradise, the rest is for you to discover. So, bon voyage! Fill your heart out with joy as you travel and explore the wonders that God has created.