First-time parents are always excited and gleeful when they get to bring their baby home. The joy and excitement they have while carrying their newborn are incomparable. Before they even get to the delivery stages and all the other medical checkups, a couple becomes well prepared for their little treasure to arrive home.

They buy toys, baby clothes, pillows, and most importantly, baby cribs. When it comes to their young, mothers and fathers will not settle for less. They make sure that every detail is comfortable and safe for their babies.

Sadly, a looming threat is always on the back of every parent who has a baby. SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the leading cause of death of infants aged one month to 1 year in most countries.

Although the reasons of the ailment are almost always unknown, babies are known to die because of suffocation and strangulation. In this article, we will tackle and explain all the information available to reduce the risk of SIDS from happening to a baby.

Anatomical Factors

Babies are delicate beings. Due to their frail and weak nature, infants demand close attention. In some cases, newborns should undergo rigorous tests before parents take them home. Several Disorders are often the cause of SIDS.

Brain Development

Conditions that also cause SIDS may have something to do with Brain Abnormalities. This condition is particularly the case of premature babies. Parts of the brain that controls breathing is not fully developed, thus increasing the chances of SIDS.

Respiratory Infections

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A baby who has a cold should have the utmost care and treatment. Colds should never pass off as something that will just go away. Mucus could block airways and would get into the lungs which would cause a baby to literally “drown” while sleeping.

Environmental Factors


Parents should always avoid letting their babies sleep on their stomachs or sides. The recoil of the diaphragm can become difficult and may tire out the newborn in this position. Although parents who sleep with their infants reduce the chance of SIDS from taking full effect, it could also raise the possibility of it from happening. The weight displaced by a parent lying on the bed creates a lot of uneven spaces which can become fatal for a baby once they roll over on their stomachs.

Choosing the Right Bed

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The perfect bed for a crib should always be a top priority. Mattresses should be firm and flat. These types of beds reduce the chances of babies from rolling over because of the foam’s memory capabilities. Just remember to place a baby in the correct position.

As much as we like surrounding our babies with cute, cuddly toys and pillows, avoid putting them in the bed. These items can become hazardous for our children. Pillows could fall over on top of babies and restrict their breathing. Also, avoid hanging mobiles on top of cribs. If the rope that holds them snap, the mobile could hit the baby while sleeping.


Undeniably, the joy of taking care of a baby is a rewarding experience. Moments like these are supposed to be happy and beautiful. By taking extra steps, parents can fully avoid tragedy from happening. Avoid using pillows and other unnecessary items in the bed. Parents should also visit doctors for any underlying issues their baby may have.