Skirting boards or baseboards acts as a wonderful finish to the base of walls. The skirting boards can also be considered as a crown moulding because they are among one of those small details that could make all the difference to a room. As they are not much cared during interior designing of home, they are given a little amount of attention. But the architectural details of these skirting boards could define the character as well as style of the interior.

A Definite Checklist For Installing Skirting Board

These skirting boards are originally designed to fill the gaps between the walls and the floors. So, the installation of these skirting boards is not easy but when considered the basic detailing, it may be easy to install. There are different types of skirting boards available in the market from which you need to choose the right one for your home. As it is not easy to install, below is presented a checklist for installing skirting board. Majority of people prefer to install skirting board mdf primed as it is easy to install and quality of material is quite good. So let us have a look at basic skirting board tools:

A Definite Checklist For Installing Skirting Board

ü  Compass and a jigsaw: The compass or a jigsaw is necessary to get the perfect shape scribed onto the next board. As they are used as cutters, the skirting boards can be cut into designer pieces. This is one of the basic elements for skirting board essentials.

ü  Mitre or chop saw: If you are new to the carpentry or going to do it yourself, then it is advisable to invest in the chop saw. There are different types of chop saws available in the market within much affordable ranges, so you can have a favourable one with yourself. Also, as the skirting is possible with the hand-powered mitre saw so only a power saw can cut the fine amounts off for obtaining the absolutely perfect mitres.

ü  Tape measure: One should have a tape measure in order to measure the length of the skirting board. It is necessary to execute a much professional trimmed or finished carpentry works.

ü  Sharp pencil: The sharp pencil is used to mark the accurate lines that one wants to cut. Instead of using the chunky carpenter pencils, the sharp pencils will result in more accurate results.

ü  Coping saw: The coping saw is generally like a hand powered jigsaw available with the finer blade. As it is essential for cutting the basic or intricate details, these are used as the scribing the internal corner joints.

ü  Wood glue: The wood glue is another most important essential for installing skirting boards. The wood glue or the PVA glue is used to stick the skirting boards to the walls. As different types of woods need different types of finish, they can be opted according to the material.

ü  Nailgun: If one is a DIY carpenter, then it is necessary to buy a DIY nailgun for your carpentry purpose. Different types of skirting boards need different types of nailgun and so it is better to first choose the type of skirting board one need to install and then opt to buy a nailgun.

ü  Nails, punches, screws and a battery drill: Other than above listed things, the nails, punches, screws as well as battery drill machines are the most obvious basic essentials for installing the skirting boards.

Thus, these were some of the important skirting board tools needed before planning to install a skirting board yourself.