The skirting boards or the baseboards are most often overlooked while designing, or renovating the interior of a home. Majority of the people ignore those little pieces popularly known as baseboards that run along the walls. But, even if the skirting boards don’t draw the attention in any of the particular way, they do help in playing the major role in the interior design while giving a stylish look and a giving a feel of property.

These skirting boards, along with the epistyles help in framing your room in a more stylish way which can be a centre of attraction too. These small skirting boards are considered as an important finishing element as it creates a distinct divide between the walls and the floors. But before planning to install skirting board, it is important to know that for what purpose do skirting boards meant for. So, let us have a general overview on that:

For what purpose the Skirting Boards are meant for:

Basically, skirting boards are meant for covering the gaps between the walls and the floors. When a floor is laid in the home during its construction or renovation, it is most often difficult to lay the floor all the way to the wall without leaving any of the gaps. Also, this greatly depends on the type of floor that you are having as it will shrink or swell depending on the moisture in the air, age, and many other factors. The main purpose of these skirting boards is obviously not known by many, but it is a definite option to fill up the gaps between walls and floors.

If the floor is laid tight into the wall then it is possible or most likely that the floor will raise up while buckling up with the increased pressure as soon as it expands. In case, if the floor is left with any kind of expansion gap, then this gap will be left along the edge of the room. So in this case one can even opt for cheap skirting boards as it will help in bridging up the gap. Sometimes, a gap is designed to facilitate the slight swelling and shrinkage of a floor.

How To Choose Best Skirting Board For Your Home?

In case, if a wall is plastered than there are other similar problems too. Majority of the plasterers will leave a gap at the bottom of the wall for expansion as well as allowing the wall to breathe. As the moisture causes lot of problems in the houses and leaving just a small gap at the base of the plaster can make a big difference. But ultimately the wall is being left with either an intentional gap or some of the possible over time cracks that form along the bottom edge of the wall. As a result, it becomes important to install a skirting board along the edges of the walls and floors.

Which Style of Skirting Board can you choose for your Home?

Before choosing skirting board for your home, you need to consider the style of your room. If you want to give a traditional look to your home or a contemporary or stylish look to your home then you can opt the skirting board accordingly. For the office purpose, you can choose other professional looking skirting boards for your working area.

Thus, this is how one can choose the skirting board for their living area or working area based on their requirements.