White Bathrooms are simple, but they can Look very Nice

In bathroom decoration you need to focus on function and usability. That’s the reason why bathroom color can play an important role. White bathrooms will make it easier for you to create a fresh and pure ambiance. It also allows you to be creative when you use colors and details, and turn attention to a certain element in the decor.

Make a small bathroom bigger using the color white as a primary color combined with a glass shower and big mirrors. Such a bathroom will look simple, but modern if you use pure lines,

You can add a bit of warmth in a white bathroom by using earth tones. It can be on the tiles, a small rug. Such a decor also uses a different texture to look nice and comfy.

A white bathroom can also stand out with its architecture. In such a case, the decor is very simple. The ceiling and whole modern design are enough to accent the beauty of your bathroom.

A Fully White Bathroom


Lighting plays an important role. Use light on the ceiling, lamps by the mirror, LED lights…

Make the ceiling a central point of a white bathroom. For the ceiling, you can use a completely different material or color to create an interesting combination and visual effect.

Decor Details

Give your small bathroom a special attraction using white as the main color, and combining it with wooden details and raw finishes. For a pure and unique look, go for white cupboards. You don’t need to accent colors if you enjoy a pure white look.

A white bathroom can be decorated using only one color. One flowerpot can create a strong effect.

Soften up the look with delicate curves and round edges. An oval bathtub and a small white chair are lovely examples. Earth tones like brown are in perfect match with white. You can go for a wooden floor, so you bathroom looks tempting and warm.

White elements in the bathroom fit perfectly no matter what the color of the ceiling and the walls is. If you go for a totally white bathroom, you can use glass doors for your shower and a big mirror to add space, keeping it simple and fresh.

Try with a different approach

Not all white bathrooms need to look modern and futuristic. You can try with a different approach by putting cupboards beneath the sink or other characteristics and accent that will define your style.

Instead of a snow white color, the walls can be colored with soft beige or pastel colors. In this way the design of the bathroom will still look nice, but the colors won’t be sharp and cold.

To increase the space of a small bathroom, next to using white as the main color, think about open shelves or other designer solutions that save space.

In larger bathrooms white can be used alongside colored accents. They can be simple and natural pieces of furniture like a wooden table, bench of cupboard.

Add a little vintage style in a white bathroom. It can be in the form of some interesting venetian blinds, curtains, pieces of furniture, lighting or other pieces of design.

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