As modern people are enamored with home improvement, even simple bathroom shower heads nowadays come in various designs and functions. Here’s a brief introduction to different types of bathroom shower heads.

Basic Shower Head:

A basic shower head is the most budget type. It is a single unite shower fixed at the right angle. Basic shower heads do not have any special functions, and the water flow decides the force of the water entirely.

Hand Shower Head:

Hand shower heads are much more flexible than the traditional type. A hand shower head is often set where a bath tub is near. It is attached to a flexible water pipe so that people can use it with ease. This is the most extensively used for bathroom on average. The hand shower head is usually attached to a sliding bar so if your family members with different heights can easily access the hand shower.

Top Mount:

If you enjoy the feelings of water falling straight to the ground, the top mount is just for you. This type of shower head is installed on the ceiling of your bathroom, so when you turn it on, water will fall off. Top mount models have some special settings. For example, if you would like a hot shower you can attach it to the hot water line. One big point of this model is they require low pressure. Should the water pressure in your house is not that desirable enough, then you may consider top mount shower head.

LED Shower Head:

LED shower head is not that mysterious, but can tell you the water temperature more visually. An LED color changing shower head has LED light bulbs installed and can display 3 colors at least—red, green and blue. As the name implies, red means the water is hot and green means cold. When the light is blue, it is telling you that the temperature is comfortable. This model is widely applied in many modern families, which leaves good impressions. Worry about electricity bills? Nope, a bathroom LED spray shower does not need power supply or battery. It is powered by a small turbine inside – no extra electricity consumption.

Dual Shower Heads:

On seeing the name “dual” you may think up a water pipe with two different shower heads at the end. But designer’s imagination is far beyond this. Dual shower heads can be fixed on two opposite walls and when they work they provide a cross area where you take the shower. Dual shower heads will offer you the double enjoyment as where you can bathe is much wider. Also, the water pressure and flow of the shower heads can be adjusted as you like.

Rain Shower Heads:

In the case of high water pressure, rain shower heads are exactly the very shower head that can bring you a luxury experience. The rain shower heads are more relaxing and create a feeling of rain falling from the sky. Gravity and pressure sensors are installed on the shower head. There is one disadvantage of rain shower head: high water consumption—this is why it’s called a luxury experience.