Dumbwaiters originally were used in the USA as early as the 1840”s as small freight elevators to move small, heavy objects between floors.  They were first used in large houses that had kitchens and household staff in the basements of these grand homes. Providing a silent waiter, not seen or heard to lift items to the dining room and easily return dishes to the basement.

Dumbwaiters Today

Today, many restaurants have their kitchens on a different floor than the main seating area and employ the use of a Vancouver dumbwaiter. Floor space may be spread over more than one level or providing a quieter dining experience may be the reason. Utilizing the dumbwaiter allows staff to easily transport dishes and even meals between each level. Many homes today are multi level and residents may find carrying heavy items up and down the stairs a challenge. Designed in such a way that they blend in with the decor they are attractive enough to be a design feature of any home.

Manual or Electric Models

The traditional manual models have aluminum tracks installed along the corners of the shelf and use a cable or rope to operate them. Tracks run from the lowest level, many times the basement, to at least halfway up the top floor. When the cart reaches the top level manual locks engage and hold it in place. Electric models use the same principle, the cart runs along track attached to the well of the shaft between the floors of the home or business. A button is pressed to move the cart to the desired level, then locks in place at it’s destination.

The Answer to a Problem

Many homes today are built on several levels, townhomes often have their main living area on the second level for example. This would be a big selling feature for anyone looking to purchase and accustomed to the convenience of one level living. Some segments of the population have difficulty going up and down stairs and carrying heavy items between floors. Many would like to stay in their familiar home as they age and installing a dumbwaiter could provide a solution for making everyday chores easier. At one time  they were so commonplace in homes and buildings, remember how they figured into many an old movie plot. Dumbwaiters are more affordable to install than you might imagine, although a  shaft space needs to be available or constructed to house the cart and mechanism. It is a great solution to moving laundry, groceries and heavy items and you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t think of the idea before.

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