I’ve never met anyone who enjoys the actual act of moving, the packing, cleaning, trying to remember everything. Making that checklist of utilities to disconnect and have these services turned on at our new home, and notify the post office. It’s an additional stress in our already hectic lifestyles, and yet there can be something exciting about this experience. Instead of moving the furniture around we can have a whole new place to put our decorating talents to use.

Personally, as a child, my family moved house many times and even though I vowed not to do this as an adult and have hired a Nanaimo movers.

Why Should or Shouldn’t You Move?

Reasons for moving

So it’s surprising that a survey of Canadians reveals that 28% of us feel the urge to move every five years. Residents of Alberta are the province with the distinction of moving at a whopping 53% most often due to job relocation compared to 37% for the rest of the country. Of course, there are many compelling reasons for moving house, 42% of those moving do so because their family has gotten bigger. On the flip side, 63% find they need less space through divorce, death of a spouse or become empty nesters. Of course, there’s the young adult moving into their own place for the first of many moves they are sure to make.  After retirement 18% change addresses and may find the upkeep and yard work are not how they wish to spend their time. Money can change things as well with 14% of both those who suddenly come into money or can’t afford much needed renovation.


Moving more often can add up and pose a financial hardship so consider your reasons for doing so carefully.  We often overlook some of the hidden costs of making a move beyond the obvious ones if we purchase a home such as connection fees for services. In all cases our decision to change our living arrangement is because a change is needed.

Hire a Professional

While hiring professional movers seems an extra expense it can save you stress in the whole scheme of things. Consider that they have the right equipment to safely move your belongings and load them, being careful not to damage anything. They are insured and trained in moving and packing a truck efficiently reducing an already stressful situation. Remember the times you had friends with a pick up help you move, we’ve all made this choice before. Some small items always seemed to get lost, mirrors broken or furniture dented if we are to be truthful. Call the moving specialists at Sunrise Moving and Storage in Nanaimo BC,  they have the experience to make your next move one less thing to worry about.