An interesting trend in recent years is the number of homeowners who are choosing an idea that is becoming more popular. Many Victoria BC custom home builders are including features that will appeal to almost everyone, now imagine having one built just for you and your family. A home is the single biggest purchase most people will make, wouldn’t it be nice to have one designed and planned that suits your lifestyle. If you’re considering a custom built home below are some points to consider.
A Home Built to Your Taste
The number one reason to have a custom built home is your input means a home that is a unique as you are. Choosing every element from design, floor plan, appliances to paint and floor colours means you don’t have live with someone else’s choices.
Move in Ready
Another benefit of a custom built home is you’re not  dealing with any mess left behind by the previous owners. It happens far too often, add in the painting and kitchen remodel you have planned and suddenly that new custom build seems a lot less stressful option.
New Homes are low Maintenance
Your weekends are not going to be filled with a long list of home repairs or remodelling, with a custom home you just move in and enjoy that new purchase. Another thing home buyers don’t think about is getting a new roof installed, fix it projects involved that don’t happen with your low maintenance custom build.
Custom Homes are More Energy Efficient
Energy standards are constantly changing and new technology means a much more energy efficient home. Building materials, appliances and design result in a home that is more energy efficient than an older home and translates into cost savings for the homeowner.
New, Modern Floor Plan
An older home may seem like a good purchase, it pays to keep in mind that the price doesn’t include costly remodelling or renos it will require. The home may be too small or poorly designed for the needs of life today,  with your custom build you never have these problems.
Your Home is Built for the Future
Remember that home you purchase today may fit your needs today but will it take you into the future with enough flexible space for your growing family right into the time when the kids are gone. A custom built home gives you the home you need now and right into the future.
Location, Location
Anytime you purchase an existing home you may have  to settle for the surroundings, or compromise on the lack of a pool or garage. Your new custom build home means you get the design, floor plan and even the neighbourhood of your choosing no compromise necessary.
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