As seasons change, we have to adapt to them and the course of nature. This is probably most obvious when it comes to home repairs. Here we have two different schools. The first school comprises those people living in apartments. Their pre-fall repairs consist of cleaning their balconies. They can continue reading this article if they would like to, but the focus here will be on the house and yard owners. They are the members of the other school and they will have a lot of things to do or have them done before the first rains of fall.

The Final Cut

No, we are not referring to the eponymous album by Pink Floyd, but to the fact that you should do one final grass cut at the end of summer or in the first weeks of fall. Leaving the grass high will be inconvenient because of all the garden works that will have to be done in spring. If you have a larger amount of gas left in your mower tank, pour it into a can or plastic container and let the mower work until the engine stops. That way you will ensure that gas will not damage the mower during the fall and winter.

Also, if you have any trees in the garden that you would like to reshape a bit and cut off the branches that have dried down, now is the time. However, if you see that a larger tree is showing signs of instability, the best option is to call tree service professionals to have it removed for you.

Insulate the Soil

Before the fall rains and winter frosts, you should protect the soil in your garden. First of all, you should double-dig the garden to improve the quality of the soil, then fertilize it and finally mulch it. When it comes to mulching, you can make your own mulch out of shredded dry twigs and leaves or buy a mulch mixture and spread it all over your garden.

That way you will prepare your garden for spring sowing and other actions. You will see how fast new flower beds will progress after you have done these steps in the fall.

Change/Repair the Windows

Fall and winter can cause a lot of troubles to your home if the windows have not been prepared for these seasons. For older windows, a replacement is the best option. Old and ruined windows let the cold in and they can even leak if it is raining outside, especially when the rains are supported by strong winds.

If windows just need a small repair, you can caulk the windows to make sure that they protect the inside of the house in a proper way.  Leaving your old windows unrepaired will lead to higher heating bills and they can even cause physical issues, such as colds.

We have shown you some basic but also important ways of preparing the outside of your home for the fall and winter season. Having the garden ready for the spring works and the windows safe from bad weather conditions will keep you relaxed in that dull period of year.